Monday, June 01, 2009

The Summer Newsletter is here with a 10% Off Coupon!

I found this little editorial by Hagan Kelley in a 2004 Surfing Magazine. It seems to sum it up pretty well for most people.

I did nearly learn to glass once--well, actually do ding repair-but only 'cause I was dead broke one winter, trying to live on the North Shore. Didn't take a week beign jerked behind that power sander before I quit. Not to mention The Walk-Oh brother, The Walk--dim-eyed and dusty each day to my lunchbreak under the big tree where I'd stare at Rocky Rights before being locked back inside for the afternoon. Boardmaking was not the job for me. The blue water told me so.

But that's still no excuse . Not for me. Not for anyone. Because whether or or not you make plowing foam your nine to five, we all have the same duty to shape at least one board in our lives.

It wouldn't take much at all. Probably just a hand saw, hand planer, Surform, and screen...a sanding block, a tape measure, plus a template or two. Slap a few fins on the counter with some resin and cloth. Put in a few priceless and patient hours and she'd be your baby. One you'd never be ashamed of, even in it's raw form, because it would be a part of you. It already is. A piece of blank expression hidden inside and itching to break out. Just like those pretty things we do on waves, the things we can see byt will never exist--until we finally stand up and make them."

Well hopefully that inspired you or at least gave you insight to why others build boards. Check out our summer newsletter "Shape In the Box, to Shape Out of the Box". Look for the 10% off Coupon at the end.