Thursday, May 10, 2012

Clark Foam T-shirts Are Back!

If you know a little bit about surfboard building history then you know about our history with Clark Foam. Foam E-Z was one of Clark's top surfboard blank re-sellers in the world! We received that infamous fax on the morning of Dec 5th 2005, considered Black Monday in the surf industry. The fax basically said that Clark Foam was shutting down. The mad scramble for surfboard blanks ensued as no one knew where they would get foam from once Clark's stock ran out.

The Clark Foam Tee was a coveted icon of all professional shapers. The Clark Foam Factory was only allowed to give these tees out to direct customers (shapers). Around the holidays the Clark Foam trucks would roll up to their various drop offs with boxes of the Clark Foam Tee's to hand out to the shapers. These t-shirts were extremely hard to come by but now they are being offered to the public.

These are the original, authentic, Clark Foam Tee Shirts! Short sleeve and available in navy with white logo.