Monday, December 26, 2011

Machado Get's His Board Glassed With Entropy Resin!

2011 was a fun year for us here at Foam E-Z. We were able to talk surfboards, build some boards, play with some new tools, meet new people and…basically do what we love. We have some fun stuff lined up for 2012 in the way of new products, events, inter-web, multi-media, and graphical shenanigans. But before we let the cat out of the bag on any of that stuff, here’s a little lost footage that we just recently found from the Sacred Craft show in Del Mar in October 2011.

We met up with our buddies from Entropy Resin and got in the mix as Rob Machado was “shaping” up one of his famous Channel Island “Motor Boat” models. We thought it would be a cool idea to glass it right on the spot using Entropy Epoxy Resin and guess what?…It was! I’m sure that he’s in some exotic location with the board shredding, and wondering, “Whatever happened to those fine fellows from Foam E-Z?” Here we are, bringing you some of that lost footage and suggesting that you make a New Years resolution to try epoxy in 2012. Rob would want you to.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

E-Z Square Pro Video Tutorial Starring A Famous Actor!

Enjoy my debut as the resident shaping tool aficionado! Go ahead and laugh, I know my acting doesn't compare with Brad Pitt but at least we look good on camera!

Hopefully this tutorial will ease the learning curve when using the E-Z Square Pro. In case you didn't know we recently upgraded our E-Z Square Pro to now have the ability to measure and mark toe-in on fins. Everything is done with just the one tool! All the detailed instructions are on the square in case you don't have a computer in your shape room or don't own a smart phone.

Keep your eye out for more tutorial/demonstration videos of our products to come.

Thanks for your support!

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

2011 Holiday Shipping Calendar!

If you can believe it the holidays are right around the corner. Hope you were good this year so you don't get coal in your stocking! Where did 2011 go????

There is only a couple of weeks to prepare so here is our Holiday Shipping Calendar just to be sure your gifts make it under the tree in time. We don't recommend waiting till the last minute but... the dates are on the calendar for that reason. If you plan to order blanks or board building kits please call to be sure they'll make it on time. In general, blank shipping takes a max of five business days but with the holidays things might get delayed. Better to be safe than sorry.

Hope everyone has the happiest of holiday season.

Thanks for your support!


Monday, December 05, 2011

Black Monday 6 Years Ago Today!!!!

Six years ago today we received the infamous fax from Clark Foam. In case you don't remember, the fax basically said that Clark Foam was closing their doors!!! Luckily, Walker Foam stepped up to fill the immediate void. After about a year or so US Blanks went online and proceeded to become our number one blank supplier.

December 5th 2005 changed the surfboard industry forever. It opened the door for more innovation, EPS/Epoxy boards, Chinese imports, Surftech, and more. Things have settled down quite a bit from those days and the custom surfboard market is more popular than ever. It's also a great time to build your own board BYOB!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The E-Z SHAPING PAD, The Most Versatile and Efficient Surfboard Shaping Tool Available!

We are very excited to announce that after many months of testing, it's finally available! The E-Z Shaping Pad is the most versatile and efficient shaping pad on the market. The medium density foam is extremely light, flexible, and comfortable to use. The pad increases accuracy and consistency while saving time and energy in the shape room. The E-Z Shaping Pad is so versatile that you can use just this pad to do most of the shaping steps on a board. These pads have been thoroughly tested by a number of professional shapers over the past year.

The E-Z Shaping Pad can be used to shape decks (convex), bottoms (concaves), and flats with some e-z manipulation of the pad. The abrasives we've chosen are unbelievable at cutting foam at a consistent rate, the aerated mesh keeps the abrasive from clogging up, and the durability is un-paralleled. The E-Z Abrasives come in two styles; HD = Heavy Duty and LD = Light Duty. These abrasives work incredible with both Polyurethane and EPS Foam. The hook/loop backing allows for quick abrasive changes. Check out this video to see how e-z the pad is to use:

The E-Z Shaping Pad Combo comes with the E-Z Shaping Pad and your choice of TWO (2) E-Z Abrasives. By purchasing the E-Z Shape Pad Combo you get one (1) Abrasive FREE, a $5.00 value.

The E-Z Shaping Pad is so simple, yet effective, that we're sure it will become your "go to" tool in the bay.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Interview With Christian Saenz, Local HB Upstart!

I've known Christian Saenz dad for a long time. He first started working at Huntington Surf and Sport as a sales guy and has moved up the ladder to be one of the main managers. I really don't think he would approve of his son doing an interview with Bryan Seacrest. Please don't tell him about this interview if you bump into him in HSS.

This interview is the second installment of I.S.I.I, Interesting Surf Industry Interviews! In this episode, Bryan Seacrest interviews Christian Saenz and we get to see what he can do in 1 Week in HB.


Monday, November 21, 2011

Turkey Day, then Black Friday!

We here at Foam E-Z love giving thanks. Therefore we want to thank you, our customers, by offering 10% OFF EVERYTHING under our roof on Friday, November 25th. That includes all fin installation kits and power tools…for real. Yes, even resin, and fins…and cloth…yeah, everything! Come on in and take advantage of this one day only deal, we'll be open from 10-4pm.

If you can’t make it to the shop, don’t sweat it, we have a redemption code you can use online. Just enter EZBLKFRI11 on November 25th upon checkout. The offer is only valid on Black Friday the 25th and cannot be applied to phone orders.
Thanks again for the support and we hope you have a great Thanksgiving.

Gobble! Gobble!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Whitney Lang, A Unique Board Builder From Newport Beach

Check out this video of our customer Whitney Lang laying up a board with pigmented resin. She's been building boards for a few years now and has really come a long way since we first met her. There is a small community of women that are involved in board building but Whitney might be the only one who builds boards from start to finish. Her specialties are Retro-fish with bright resin colors. If she's not in the garage working on a surfboard you can find her surfing one of her fishes at RJ's! Check out her Facebook page for more info.

Friday, November 04, 2011

KE11Y Wins ELEVEN And Talks Candidly About Andy Irons!

I'm sure by now you've all heard that Kelly Slater has won his unprecedented Eleventh World Title at the Rip Curl Pro Search, Somewhere in San Francisco. Kelly locked down the title in the final minutes of the Third Round in classic Slater fashion eliminating Australian Dan Ross. Unbelievable to think but it looked like Kelly was destined this year as he and Owen Wright battled for first and second contest after contest. Ironically Wright had the heat just after Kelly's and had to surf it while Kelly was getting mobbed on the beach.

Ironically also Kelly locked down the title on the anniversary of Andy Irons untimely death. After a year of being asked question after question about Irons. Kelly sat dawn and spoke candidly about the life and his relationship with Andy Irons. Here's what Kelly had to say:

How I Remember Andy

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

I’ve been asked for many opinions and interviews about Andy Irons and the situations and decisions that lead to his early departure from our world. It’s not something I take lightly. I have my own opinions about not only Andy’s choices and how he ultimately got to the place he did, but also about the way these things are handled from all sides of the story. But what is right? And whose opinions actually matter other than those of his family and closest friends about who they knew and how they feel inside? What is it that each of us hopes to take away from the Andy Irons story? And what is it that we want to give to the story of his life?

I dealt, in a strange way, with the death of my own father through Andy. Even though he was 6 years younger, he reminded me of an older brother and for that reason alone we had a heated relationship. We wanted the same thing and knew the other was in the way.

My father passed away in April 2002, and I made shirts with his picture on it. Andy and I weren’t close then so he had no idea, and for the next few months I stumbled around like a zombie tripping out that I would never again see my dad. Andy had just started his roll that year by winning a couple of events and taking the lead on Tour, and I had just gotten back on Tour but found myself not really caring about winning anything except maybe a war of words or a fight with somebody. Andy was just the guy.

I’ll share a story, but for the sake of brevity, I’ll just say this: We got really drunk on a Tavarua trip. We got into a shouting match. I said something about him thinking he’s the man for winning a couple of contests. He screamed and laughed at me, “You’re going baaaalllldddd, hahahaha.” I told him he’d know how I felt when his father passed away, and he started kicking me in the face. (I had earlier punched him in the face in a crazy 10-man wrestling match in a taxi). Then Shane Dorian tackled him and pulled him off me telling him my father had just died a few weeks ago. Andy started crying hysterically and hugging and apologizing to me for the next half hour before he went to bed and then apologized again the next day. In some weird way I think I just wanted him to know that I was hurting because he had a way of just sorta being tough even though he was one of the most sensitive guys in the world. There was just this strange and awkward dynamic between us. Months later, he won his first title and all I could think to do was give him one of the shirts that I had made with a picture of my dad on it and congratulate him. He gave me a hug and thanked me and felt really awkward that I gave him a shirt with a picture of my dad on it. On one level he knew what it was about, and on another level he wasn’t gonna let me put a chink in his armor and wear that damned thing. For all I know, he either burned it or hid it. I’ve often wondered.

The following years have been pretty well documented in our history. Not always correct or spot on, but at other times pretty accurate. The press maybe said some things that we might have thought but never verbalized. I loved and hated the guy, but I probably only hated him because I admired and envied what he was capable of.

A year and a half before he died, at the first event of the year, he told me he was making a documentary about the changes and lessons in his life, and he wanted to help any kids that had ever looked up to him and struggled in their lives, because he now knew what was possible. He was so clear and happy and confident and positive. We stood off away from everyone else and had our first and only real one-on-one, heart-to-heart talk. I actually welled up with tears for how proud I was of him and how insanely unbelievable it was to have Andy look me in the eye and talk straight to me. He told me he had always looked up to me and asked me if I’d work with him on this documentary. He told me he couldn’t believe how amazing life was and discussed with me his fears, his goals, his struggles and his family. It was the true epiphany in Andy’s life: the moment he was open to clean out and shift all the things holding him back from his actual potential as a human being. And that’s the exciting thing: he had so much more ability and knowledge on so many levels. I won heats against Andy at that particular event and the following one at Bells. The only reason I’m sharing that is because both times he smiled and said good job and although he was pissed off at losing, I could see that he was enjoying the process of learning how to accept things, even the things he really hated, like losing…and to me!

The last time I saw Andy was in Portugal a year ago. I was just about to clinch the title, and he saw me at the event and gave me a hug and told me he was really proud of me and that he hoped I would win the title in Puerto Rico and that he was “psyched” for me. I was thinking “Man, if I had only beaten you in Tahiti, this thing would probably be done,” and I sorta mentioned that to him, and we laughed. He gave me a big hug and high five, and I never saw him again.

Two weeks later in Puerto Rico, some people were saying he was sick, and some people said he was partying. Some people said he never left his hotel room. Martin Potter and I were really concerned when he missed his first heat. I just remember them calling his name and his three-man heat surfing without him, and I felt really weird about it. We agreed that we needed to go see him at his hotel and see if he was alright, because there’s no way that he would fly all that way just to miss a heat. Then we were told that a doctor had seen him, and he was sick and resting. I was uneasy about him going missing, but at least it was an update.

When he missed his next heat, and I heard that he had left, I was really worried. I got a call from a friend who was with him in Miami the night before and he asked me why Andy wasn’t staying in Puerto Rico and he told me Andy had caught a flight home thru Dallas. I called Andy’s phone and got no answer. I sent him a couple of texts and got no reply. That was within 30 minutes of when he was found in the hotel in Dallas. About two or three hours later I got the news that he had died. I sat on the beach with a homeless dog and started getting calls from people.

The story of Andy Irons may likely never feel good to us whether you were his friend and you miss him or you have a strong judgment about his shortcomings and it made you angry. No matter what, it doesn’t make sense for someone so gifted and in touch on so many levels to die alone in an airport hotel room nowhere close to anything that mattered to him. But remembering someone can sometimes be about the toughest thing you ever had with them and feeling like your life is better for having experienced that with them. And if that can make you laugh or smile, you’re honoring their life and their legacy, I believe.

I have questioned whether anything in our relationship and battles had any impact on the course of his life or whether I could have made a difference somehow. Maybe that’s just my own form of denial, but one thing is clear, I still can’t believe that Andy is gone. Hell, I still can’t believe that Todd Chesser is gone and Donnie Solomon and Malik Joyeux and a whole bunch of other good friends are gone. An anniversary is best used for remembering the good things and letting it all sink in more so that the sadness fades away and the good memories remain. And if we learn anything from that, let it be that the positive impact of Andy and all our other friends who are gone bring us closer to the ones and the things that we love right here, right now.

I’ll leave you with one last thought of Andy. The other day I was with a friend who had given Andy some rims for his car. In his office, my friend had a signed board from Andy. The autograph was signed, “Picture me Rollin’!” And so I will, buddy.

With love and respect,


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Grant In The CooperFish Booth During Sacred Craft Oct 2011!

Well Grant was at it again! He just can't control himself. What do you expect after all the hard hitting interviews Grant just needed to have a little fun. He decided to stop in to the CooperFish booth and chat with the CooperFish Calendar girl. Check out the video .

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I don't know if you have seen what TRANSPARENTSEA is all about but it's pretty rad. A cool group of ocean lovers (surfers, etc...) are making there way from Santa Barbara to San Diego on these cool little Hobie water crafts powered by wind and pedals! The crew will make their journey by sail following the migration of the grey whales along the southern California coastline. On the way the crew will come to port for four major regional events. Each night hosting Minds in The Water movie screening, followed by live in concert Band of Frequencies, art show & auction and in support Surfer’s for Cetaceans (S4C) and other ocean minded charities.

Minds in the Water is a feature-length documentary following the quest of professional surfer Dave Rastovich and his friends to protect dolphins, whales and the oceans they all share. Through Dave's journey - a five-year adventure spanning the globe from Australia to the Galapagos, Tonga, California, Alaska and Japan - we see one surfer's quest to activate his community to help protect the ocean and it's inhabitants from the threats of commercial slaughter and pollution.

is an awareness campaign aimed at highlighting coastal environmental issues, with particular attention given to cetaceans (whales and dolphins) and the waters they inhabit.

The first journey (Byron Bay to Bondi, Australia, 2009) successfully highlighted the plight of humpback whales and the threat faced by Japanese whaling fleets.

The second (California, October, 2011) traces the southern migration of the California Grey Whale from Santa Barbara to Baja, Mexico with an emphasis on engaging key coastal community groups and drawing awareness to the causes they support.

Check it out!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Sacred Craft Interview with Sarah from Rainbow Fins

Here's another hard hitting interview from Sacred Craft Fall 2011. Based out of the Santa Cruz area, Rainbow fins has been making fins since the late sixties. This is a family business, Glen (the dad) is the chief designer in the shop while Sarah (daughter) is out on the road selling these beautiful fins. Their specialty is their "Stained Glass" Fins which are a one of a kind art piece. They make the full range of fins from keels to SUP fins. Come on by and the fins out.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Sacred Craft Interview with Rusty (Surfboards)

We had a great time at Sacred Craft this past weekend! Hope you had a chance to attend. We were lucky enough to make some time to roam around and get some killer interviews. Check this one with Rusty of Rusty Surfboards.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Sacred Craft Interviews This Weekend October 8th-9th!!

Sacred Craft is back at the Del Mar Fairgrounds and we’ll be there, October 8th and 9th! We’re going to be teaming up with the fellas over at to bring you (almost) LIVE VIDEO interviews and updates throughout both days of the show.
If you can make it then head on down. It’s well worth the drive for getting a face full of knowledge from some of the industry leaders and other wacky dudes like Carl Eckstrom, whom they’ll be honoring at this show.
If you've been to the shows in the past then you know we really whoop it up with lot's of giveaways and killer "show special" pricing on our one of kind board building supplies. You might be asking yourself what else will be going on at the show? Here's a short list of some of the bitchen activities:

* Tribute to the Masters Shape-off honoring Carl Ekstrom presented by US Blanks
* Billabong’s Art of Shaping Auction LA County Edition
* The REEF Redemption Sustainable Craft Showcase
* Art Grotto produced by Matt Beard benefiting SurfAid International
* The Soul Project Quivers Lounge
* Korduroy.TV short films lounge
* Plenty of aloha with PRIMO Beer flowing
* Book signings “No Bad Waves” by Mickey Munoz in the Patagonia booth, and Chris Dixon author of the new Cortes Bank book entitled “Ghost Wave”.
* Roadshow style collect-able surfboard & memoriblia expert appraisals (Sat only)
* Live music featuring Seth Petterson, Boo Stubbs & One Shot Wonder, Boaz Jazz Troupe, Kevin White Pacific Jazz Guitar featuring Bridget Eliza on vocal , and more
* Longboard skate zone feature LOST Skateboards slalom challenge open to the public.
* Great deals on surfboards, gear and art
* Sunday morning demo the boards of Sacred Craft at 15th St Del Mar 7a-10am

Make sure to follow our blog "What The Blank?"or log onto for all of the video updates from Sacred Craft Del Mar 2011.

Monday, October 03, 2011


Indie Film Distributor Level 33 Entertainment announces the release of the documentary film ACCIDENTAL ICON: THE REAL GIDGET STORY on DVD and VOD.

'ACCIDENTAL ICON' tells the story behind the world famous book and film franchise that brought surfing to the masses more than half a century ago.

In the summer of 1956, Los Angeles teenager Kathy Kohner
discovered Malibu, boys and surfing. She had so much fun with Malibu surfing locals who sported handles likes Kahuna, Moondoggie and Tubesteak that she wrote it all down in her diary and showed it to her father, screenwriter Frederick Kohner. The rest is history, as they say, with the book becoming a bestseller and inspiringna string of movies and TV series that spanned more than 30 years.

The film is narrated by Jorja Fox (CSI) and includes appearances by Academy Award® winners Sally Field and the late Cliff Robertson, Gregory Harrison, pro surfers such as Layne Beachley, Holly Beck, Summer Romero, and many more.

The film has screened at several film festivals and most recently on Southern California's KCET. The movie is now available on DVD everywhere and will soon be available on VOD, PPV, and iTunes.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


We have pro surfers come through our shop from time to time and it's always interesting to hear what they got to say about their boards. Some guys work closely with their shapers, some just leave the guess work up to their shaper, but the bottom line is these guys are riding potato chip thin boards with unforgiving rails and ripping on them! I thought it would be interesting to see what some of the pros were riding this past week down at the Hurley Pro in Trestles . Here is a small cross section of the guys and their boards. Obviously some are more tuned into their sleds than others. Enjoy the vids!


View this video at


View this video at


View this video at


View this video at

Thursday, September 08, 2011


Custom paint, graphics, drawings, and glassing have always been fun ways to personalize your board. Now you can add Colored Fin Boxes to that list thanks to the magical mystical wizards over at Futures Fins. Besides offering 7 new colors (Red, Neon Orange, Neon Yellow, Lime Green, Blue, Purple, Black), they have also redesigned their boxes to be lighter and stronger bringing fashion and engineering together to make us all cooler than ever. Check our boy Grant starring as "The Fin Connoisseur" in the official Future Fins video release:

Introducing the new colored boxes from Futures with Interwoven Laminate Technology (ILT). The lightest, strongest fin system in the world now bonds even better to the skin of your board. The cutouts in the ILT Box create a stronger bond without increasing weight, because resin is interwoven between the flange of the box and the fiberglass of the board. The interwoven resin forms pillars that lock the fiberglass to the flange with a solid physical connection. Our colored ILT boxes are all made right here in Huntington Beach, CA, and are available in a full range of colors, including red, orange, yellow, lime-green, green, blue, purple, and black.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Labor Day, it’s a time to relax, reflect, Bar-b-q, hang out at the beach, or... you could catch up on the important things like, ding repair or shaping a new stick. We want to help you out by offering a one-day sale of 10% off store-wide on Monday the 5th of September. If you aren’t able to stop in then place your order online and when you check out enter the code EZLABOR2011 to receive 10% off your order. One use per customer, not valid on phone orders. We’ll be here “laboring” from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. pacific standard time so come by or order online and take advantage of the savings.

Whatever you do remember to enjoy your day!

Thanks for your continued support-

The Foam E-Z Crew

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Stretch And Nathan Fletcher Chat It Up!

Take what you want from this video. Both guys are real knowledgeable about surfboards and definitely about shaping. Nathan Fletcher buys his tools and materials from us from time to time. We've been lucky enough to hang out with Stretch a few times and collaborate on different projects. Check out the Marko Foam blank in the background. Stretch has been dedicated to using EPS even before Clark Foam shut down and Marko Foam is his foam of choice.

Hopefully Part 2 will have more information, we'll have to see!

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Manufacturing Stoke!

Hi all,

Clay from Marko Foam is hosting the movie Manufacturing Stoke at his "Boat House" building at 1640 Pomona Ave Costa Mesa, Ca. 92627.

Come join us Tomorrow, Thursday August 4th for the Orange County premier of Manufacturing Stoke, a movie brought to you by Misfit Pictures, highlighting the current status of surfboard manufacturing from sustainability to responsibility.

Go to to pre-purchase a ticket or come pay at the door,
Adults are $10 a ticket and groms are $5. Proceeds help support the sustainability movement.

Come early for happy hour, Seabirds truck will pull in at 5:30.

See you there!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Bunger Surfboards - Since 1962!!!

We found this great article about Tom Bunger of Bunger Surf on Long Island NY. Tom has been a great customer of ours since 1998. Check it out:

"IN THE SHACK" with Tom Bunger By: Paul Di Marco
When I hear the word September, I think about Hurricanes, hollow barrels, warm water, and New York. Yep New York! I have so many great memories of epic surf on Long Island, New York that I’m not sure if anything could ever replace them. This September is the first ever ASP World Championship to be held on the East Coast of the U.S., The Quiksilver Pro New York. The contest will be kicking off in Long Beach and pros from around the world will be competing for the biggest prize purse in surfing history- $1 million dollars!

With all the East Coast hype, I felt like the next “In The Shack” should focus on New York Board Shaper, Tom Bunger. Tommy is a busy guy between raising his kids and running the Bunger Surf Board Factory. His family owns one of the oldest surf shops in the North East, Bunger Surf Shop. They have been shaping boards for 50 years, delivering style and culture to Long Island’s surf community. Charlie Bunger, Tom’s dad has been shaping surfboards since 1962 and during the 1990’s, Tom Bunger finally picked up the Skill Planer and started shaping under the Bunger Brand.

This “In the Shack” interview was not easy. Tom is a busy bee shaping boards and working hard…..special thanks to Tom’s awesome wife, Agn├Ęs for all her help with this interview. It just shows behind every great man stands a great woman!

NickName: Tommy

Home Town and Break: Gilgo Beach, Long Island, New York

Where did you grow up? West Gilgo Beach, Babylon, New York

How old were you when you started surfing? I was nine when I got my first board, but I was always using long boards lying around at the beach.
Who or what inspired you to start shaping surfboards And when? My Father inspired me to start shaping. He gave me a Skill Planer and a blank. He showed me how to template it and cut it out, then said "shape it".

Go back to the first board you shaped and tell us about it- size, shape and any issues you had with it. A 6’8” Short Board. It worked well. The rails were a little too down which made it fast, but trailed a little bit.

What makes your short boards different? Also explain the mechanics of shaping a board for getting airs? Bunger Boards are hand shaped, glassed and finished with my hands only. Most of my short boards are designed for getting maximum speed and airs.

Tell us about this new era of short boards and what’s to come from Bunger? Everything is getting shorter and wider; the West Coast finally figured it out. We’ve been shaping boards like this for a while now.

What type of materials do you use, glass, fins, form? All the best resins and cloth made in the USA.

Who does your art? I do most of the art on the boards I shape. For the crazy stuff I bring in Tim Van Wyne. His work is amazing!
Who also shapes under the Bunger name? We have a few guys shaping for us, Squeak from Phoenix Surfboards, Bo Hawkins from Hawk Surfboards and team Phil.

How do you feel about computers designing boards versus handmade boards? If you want the same board as everyone else, then I guess it’s okay,but every surfer is different and needs something different.

What advice would you give people looking for the right surfboard? Be honest with your ability; look for something with the right balance for all the conditions.
What was your First Board? My first surfboard was a 6’8” BUNGER

Goofy or Reg? Reg.
What’s your favorite type of board to shape? I like making all types of boards, but my favorites are the boards I make for the team riders and my friends.

Does any other family members shape besides you and your Dad? Nope they help run the shop.

How can I order a custom board? It’s simple, call the shop or blast me an email to discuss what type of surfer you are and what type of board you need. 631-321-7753
Do you ship a lot of boards out of state? Nope we don’t ship too many boards out of state, but we will and have before.

Bring us back to your childhood. What do you remember about your dad shaping and surfing as a kid? I remember seeing my Dad covered in foam dust and I was like “ I wanna do that when I get older".

Who rides for Team Bunger? Corey Stanton, Chris Tomlin, Alex Fawess, Graham Eickelberg and Matt Wunderlich

How do you feel about the ASP Tour coming to NY? It’s about time they recognized us!

Do you have any advice for Groms? Respect your Elders

Beer, Booze or wine? Beer and wine

Haters should? Hate themselves

Where can Atlantic Surf Life find Tommy Bunger during the winter? Rincon, PR or France

Do you still surf the coldest days? Yes only when it’s pumping and sunny.
What’s the biggest wave you've ever ridden? Where? Mexico, Solid 10 foot at the Mex Pipe.

Best surf trip ever? Hawaii

Go-to board when it's double over head and pumping? 6’10” Pin Tail

What’s your Magic Board in small surf? I ride an old classic Bunger 360, but I mostly work when it’s small.

When your not surfing or shaping? Hanging with Family.

What inspires you when you shape? Knowing that a customer is going to get full enjoyment out of my boards.

Favorite Food? Tartiflette (French Food)

What’s playing in the factory? We play it all and we play it loud!

Website?,, www.

Facebook? Bunger surf boards (Since 1962 Tom Bunger)


Closing statement? Support your local shaper and buy American made products.

Monday, July 18, 2011

SolSpot New HD Camera and FREE Beer Launch Party!!!

The guys over at are launching their 13th FREE HD camera this week and doing it with style. They are throwing a camera launch party at The Longboard Restaurant this Thursday (21st) and are giving away FREE BEER to the first 100 people in attendance. It fits in nicely with their company motto – everything free!

The camera looks at the south side of HB pier and then pans all the way down towards Beach Blvd. Plenty of ripable faces in that area! You can check out the cam at

Cheers to FREE HD CAMS & cheers to FREE BEER!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Island Fins In Stock, Check em' Out!

Island Fin Design owner, Steve Mock, stopped by our shop the other day to show us what he's been working on. He has been making surfboard fins in Hawaii since the early 1980's for some of the biggest names on the North Shore. Dick Brewer, Bonga Perkins, and Garrett McNamara are just a few that look to him for his quality glass on and box fins. Solid colored fins are common place in the surfboard market, so Steve decided to go with a more custom look that will give your board that little something extra. These beautiful multi-colored fins are reasonably priced ($59.95-$71.95) and hand made right here in the good old US of A…well actually on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. Come by and check them out or call/email us and we can ship the fins to you. We’re proud to carry Steve's fins here at Foam E-Z.

Friday, July 01, 2011


We are having a Summer Sizzler and Board Swap on Saturday July 16th from 10-3pm. There will be FREE food, music, a great selection of boards for sale, and 15% off SALE STORE-WIDE (excluding power-tools)! This is a great opportunity to get a new, used or vintage board, nothing over $500! Cash & Carry which means there’s no tax! Call or email us if you have a board(s) that you’d like to sell at the event! Look forward to seeing you. Stayed tuned for more details.