Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fish Out of Water!!! Surfboard? Snowboard?

This is pretty wild! Maybe not the most functional but definitely a really cool build. It's awesome to see Doc of Surf Prescriptions get into it and shape away incorporating the snowboard into the surfboard. Dig the cool wood/carbon inlay to adhere the bindings to. That was pretty crafty! Also neat to go behind the scenes at Futures Fins with Owner/operator Vince Longo and watch them install the fin boxes. Signal Snowboards does a nice job of vacuum bagging the carbon deck on the board.

I'm sure that board was hard as hell to surf but Rob Machado sure can rip on just about anything! With all the volume it looked tough to get it to bite in the powder. This looked like a great project and the boys obviously had a great time with it.

Thanks to Surf Prescriptions, Future Fins, and Signal Snowboards for giving us a little look into the production and testing of this board.