Saturday, February 04, 2006

We're Moving!

After thirteen years of doing business in the same location, we will be moving on February 15th, 2006 to a larger street front spot . The new address will be 6455 Industry Way Westminster, CA 92683. Our phone number will stay the same (714-896-8233) and so will the website address ( We are extremely excited for this move since we will have more space for the variety of blanks. We'll also be more visible and easier to find.
We are still your One-Stop Surfboard Supply Shop, now even better! Feel free to come into the shop, place orders online or call with any questions. Thanks for your continued support.

Friday, February 03, 2006

WALKER FOAM - Availability and Pricing

We have been receiving an average of fifty Walker Foam blanks every week and a half since December 23rd. The blanks have been well received and appear to be the only polyurethane longboard blanks currently available in the US. As you can imagine since we have been getting such small quantities and shipments, it is hard for us to service all the shapers in the Southern California region. It appears we should start getting regular weekly shipments of a hundred plus in the very near future. Hopefully, in a couple of weeks things should start to get more regular and we will be releasing the Walker Foam to the public . The Walker blank prices look like they'll be somewhere in the neighborhood of ten to twenty percent more than the Clark Foam blanks (short boards ~ $65; longboards ~ $115). Here is the link to the Walker Blank catalog the, hopefully it will get better as will our stock. Our shipping rates are still the same which makes for some pretty affordable polyurethane blanks to the end user. By March we should have a wide range of quality polyurethane as well as EPS foam to choose from.


The CF03 (Hitachi) power planers are back in stock ! We have a limited number of these planers but they should last for a while. The planers are being modified by the same machinist that was doing them for Clark Foam. In addition to the planers we also have some of the Clark Foam accessories. Unfortunately the planer blade service that Clark Foam provided is not available at this time, we hope that we will be able to provide a similar service soon (please check back for updates). Feel free to call or email with any questions. Thanks for your support.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Resin Research and EPS

We are now carrying Resin Research Epoxy resin and American blanks (formerly Segway Composites). We are very excited about working with the guys from Graphite Master (R.R.) due to their great service and high quality products. We have EPS blanks that have PVC stringers and some that have wood. The blanks have similar rockers as Clark foam blanks and we have them from 6 foot up to 9'4". All of the blanks are small beaded 2 & 3 lb. foam and are very easy to work with. Just like the EPS foam, the resin is very easy to work with and is more environmentally friendly. This resin is great because it gives you unlimited glassing options. The resin cures stronger, is lighter, odorless, and can even be used on polyurethane blanks. We have all of the products you need in order to build an epoxy board from start to finish.

Update and Thank You!!!

Hello all,
First of all thank you for being patient and understanding during these unsure times. This has been a most challenging time for everyone involved in the industry. Every hour of everyday seems to have new developments in foam options. We have had meetings around the clock since Monday December 5th. Although it seems that the industry has slowed down, we have not. It is true what is being said, there will be foam. We've seen many different options. Unfortunately a vast majority of the foam is unusable due to very poor quality. That is why we continue to invest our time and money in finding the best foam, and selection, that we can offer. As of now we are able to provide a very nice selection of EPS foam, epoxy resins and the knowledge to guide you through this new process. Feel free to come by or call us with any questions you have. We are very excited to back these products that are able to meet our level of quality at Foam E-Z. Thanks again for your continuing support.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Swaylocks Post 12-07-05 after Blank Monday

On the day after “Black Monday” I dropped by Foam E-Z to primarily “wish them well in their future business endeavors” as they were immediately one of the first things I thought of when the news broke, as I mentioned in my initial post in the “Clark Foam is over” thread. Although I had only been into Foam E-Z a few times to buy blanks and supplies, I not only felt obligated to pay my respect and wish them well, it was something I truly wanted to do from the bottom of my heart as Brad and all the employees were more than class acts and fine business men in helping a humble, beginning backyarder make his dreams come true. After waiting around about an hour to an hour and a half with about three other gentlemen we finally got to talk to, I believe it was Grant R. (forgive me if I’m wrong, and if I’m correct thank you Grant) as he came outside to post the temporarily closed sign outside the shop and, were then shortly greeted by Brad as he drove up to handle business in what was to say the least a melancholy day filed with what I could only imagine to be chaos. Phones were absolutely ringing off the hook as you might suspect. While there was little doubt there would be NO blank sales (and very much understandably so) these gentle men actually let the few of there gather some small supplies in the midst of the crisis. This was a true testament to the character of Brad’s business ethics and his outstanding employees. And while I got a chance to personally thank Brad and Grant for their service to the shaping and surfing community and wish them the absolute best in the future I would like to publicly thank them again in this forum on this thread for their outstanding contribution. To Brad and the Boys… THANK YOU. Loyal customer for life… Tony.