Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Waterman's Guild, A True Old School Glass Shop!

Ever thought about it? When you place your order, what happens next? Where exactly does that order form go? Who are the guys behind the scene that make it happen? This is the place, these are the guys. Waterman's Guild is located in Santa Ana, Ca and has been glassing boards since 1983. Specializing in color lamination, Waterman's has a reputation among professional surfers and shapers as the premier glass shop in California. Shapers like Almond Surfboards, Matt Barker, Fineline, Gato Heroi, Randy Gibbs, The Greek, Gtec, Harbour, Hobie, Hurley, Bruce Jones, Matt Moore, Jed & Greg Noll, Jerry O'Keefe, Sonny Vardeman, and Dewey Weber have been coming to the Waterman's Guild for years to have their shapes waterproofed.

For over twenty-five years they have done all phases of production for the biggest names in the industry. Because of this expertise they are also called upon by collectors to do restoration of classics and flawless ding repair. All work is done in house by Greg Martz (owner) and his long time crew.

Thanks to Brock Jones for the cool video!