Thursday, November 08, 2012

FIN BUSH, Test Ride Center!

Hey FINatics!

How many times have you looked at another surfers board and thought that it looked so fun and you'd love to try it out? How many times have you looked at your own board and wondered how much funner it could be if it was just a bit thicker, narrower, more rockered out? The endless possibilities in board shapes and designs could and often do drive us mad! Then when you finally have your dream board dialed, you have to figure out what FINS to put on it and the madness continues! Do you want hollow Core for light weight? Some carbon for specific flex characteristics? Tried and true fiberglass? Or just a set that match the sweet POSCA artwork you put on your fresh stick last night?

Fins are a very misunderstood yet absolutely vital component in surfing equipment. We want to educate surfers so they can make confident purchases knowing they will get the most out of their fins. We want to add focus and bring attention to the Futures line. Now for the first time, surfers can hold the fins, flex them, feel how light they are, and even learn about them without having to ask shop staff for assistance.  The Future fins are displayed outside the normal packaging, and secured by a thin wire looped in the lightweight Truss Tang. 

We have the answer for all the FINatics! (see what we did there?) FOAM E-Z now has the Futures Fin Bush/Tree in house for you to come and try out.  You can choose from a variety of Future Fins and test ride them  for three days with no commitments! Fill out some basic info and be on your way. There are no limits to how many times you can come back and try a different set! No more spending 80 bones on a set of fins you might not even like! Surfers have access to the Future fin lineup so they can try before they buy, the fin tree makes it easy for anyone to visualize what fins they should be riding.  Ask us about test riding a set of Future Fins next time you surf!   

See you soon!