Friday, February 25, 2011

Entropy Resins - Don't Drink It!!!

I'm scared to post this little teaser video we did with Rey Benatao of Entropy Bio-Resins but here we go!

I didn't do the camera work, it was on a tri-pod i think!

Enjoy Brad

Look for the full interview coming up in the March Newsletter. Everything you want to know about this Bio-Epoxy and everything you don't want to know about Grant! Just don't drink it.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

John Peck - The Penetrator Breaking On Through To The Other Side!

Thanks to the guys at Korduroy.TV for putting together this awesome video of John Peck. It is a great representation of John, a man who has always lived on his own terms. We first met John Peck back around 1994 when he came into Foam E-Z to buy a blank for the Penetrator he wanted to make at the time. He since visits the shop from time to time get a blank or a tool. Each time he shows up he exudes an incredible sense of peace about himself. Anyone who has met him will know what I am talking about.

From being credited as the first to surf real Pipeline in 1963, to one of the most extreme proponents of mind-altering substances in the psychedelic seventies, John Peck has always been exploring the boundaries of his existence. He has been exploring ways to optimally ride waves for over 5 decades and it's this research that has lead him to refine his Penetrator longboard design. In this episode of Korduroy's All Yew series, we learn about the evolution of the Penetrator and how John approaches the board creation process.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Ole Surfboards - A True Legend!

The 80-year-old Lahaina resident was inducted into the International Surfboard Builders Hall of Fame December 2009 at Doheny State Beach.

''I'm pretty honored by the whole thing,'' Olson said. ''I've been doing it for a long time. I started shaping in 1956.''

Olson was a wood shop teacher at Ranchos Alamitos High School in Garden Grove, Calif., when he first got interested in building surfboards. While he was still teaching, Olson opened a surfboard shop.

''I would shape boards after school, sometimes at night, and on the weekends,'' Olson said. ''Everyone was talking about surfing back in the early 60's, it was new.''

''Back then you could sell them a two-by-four with a one-by for a fin,'' he added with a laugh.

Olson took a teaching leave of absence in 1971 to visit Maui and made the Valley Isle his permanent home. He still surfs his favorite spot, Mala Wharf.

Olson is the fifth surfboard builder from Hawaii to be inducted into the SBHF, joining the father of modern surfing, Duke Kahanamoku, and Oahu's Rabbit Kekai, Ben Aipa and Barry Kanaiaupuni.

Inductees are selected by current members of the SBHF. Olson was selected by Phil Edwards, a noted surfing pioneer and shaper for Hobie Surfboards.

''Ole is the oldest-living board builder that is still making boards. It's great these guys get recognized. When these guys are gone, they take a lot of surf history with them.''