Monday, June 03, 2013

What A Great Time! Thanks To Everyone!!!

I want to send a HUGE thanks to all who attended our party this past Saturday. We hope you had an awesome time I know I did!  Here is a quick recap...

Larry Bertlemann, that's right THE Rubber Man, was there and chatting it up with everyone.  What a great personality and very approachable he is.  Drew Brophy was his usual spectacular self, bringing pen art to life right before the party goers eyes.  Drew was kind enough to leave his pens out for the kids to thrash and paint the mini blanks US Blanks brought.  Balestar, Stamps, and Doc in the Futures Fish Bowl Shaping Bay was an awesome site to see.  Those guys were really tested as the lighting sucked, it was about 100 degrees inside, no air hose, and hundreds of people starring in from point blank range.  It was awesome to have Chad "The Lad" Wells (Quiksilver Team Manager) as our MC, he knows how to really fire up a crowd. 

We gave out so much free stuff thanks to all the vendor donations.  Thank you to the beautiful Ivie, who came in from Utah just to work the raffle booth.  Foam E-Z is donating $500 bucks to Surfrider Foundation from the money generated at the party.  The Jimbonaires were sending out killer music vibes throughout the event.  Food, thank to Chef Larry Meyers was on point, although I never got a chance to eat... 

What a surprise to be awarded that unbelievable hand-built Seventies Gun by the Crew at Foam E-Z.  You really didn't have to do but I love it!  

Thanks to the vendors and participants;  Drew and Maria Brophy = incredible art on the Aipa board... Stamps, Balestar, and Doc for donating their time and sweat to shape out those boards for the lucky winners, Matt Barker at Hurley for donating those awesome tees, Future Fins for the Fish Bowl and bitchen fin sets, US Blanks and Marko for the raffle blanks, Ryan Bryant at Delve for doing the bitchen four color screen printed tees, FCS for the incredible raffle package, Solspot for the beer, Resin Research and Revchem for the board building supplies for the raffle, Harbour Surfboards for the raffle stuff, Val and Duke Aipa for the board that Drew painted, Larry Bertlemann for the signed wax, and so on.  I really apologize if I missed someone and I'm sure I did. 

I want thank the Foam E-Z Crew for all that they did to help prepare for this and help make the day amazing.  Thanks to my beautiful wife and family for putting up with me over the last month and I was stressing miserably about this event.

Thanks again for all the support we really couldn't do it without you guys (customers and vendors)!

Check our FB Page for pictures from the party, thanks to Kitty Willis.