Thursday, June 15, 2017

Everything On The Inside... Brought To You By US Blanks (Pt. 4: Stringer Selection)

If you’ve been following our “Everything on the Inside” series, you’ve learned how to select the right foam, density, and blank size for your build. Today we’ll explain your stringer options.The stringer serves 3 main purposes in the surfboard;

            1) Strength

            2) Flex

            3) Aesthetic

With stringer selection, there are no right or wrong choices. Each choice is simply a matter of preference. 
US Blanks offers over 30 different stringer materials and an endless number of “glue-up” configurations, and while most surfboards are built with a stringer, it is in fact, completely optional. Both EPS and PU foam blanks can used to make stringerless surfboards. 

Before we proceed with stringer options, a quick word about the manufacturing process. All US Blanks begin as stringerless foam. All stringers must be glued into a cut blank. All blanks are custom cut and glued to order. US Blanks has an in-house mill, so they can cut and glue-up nearly any conceivable configuration. 

 US Blanks offers 5 solid woods; (Balsa, Basswood, Dark Wood, Cedar, and Redwood), various ply-woods, one   composite (PVC, in red, white, and black), or high-density colored foam.

Each stringer material type has it own rigidity (strength), flex characteristics, and aesthetic. Gluing wood together into plys (or “t-bands”) adds strength and also allows the shaper a unique aesthetic. US Blanks in-house mill allows for wedges, multi-stringers, or curved options such as flares or parabolics. There really is no limitation to the combination of glue-ups available. If you can dream it up, US Blanks can glue it up.

Just keep in mind, as with all surfboard design elements, what you acquire in one area, you may sacrifice in another area, i.e., increasing strength will likely decrease flexibility. Finding the exact balance of strength and flexibility with your desired aesthetic will be your challenge. But rest assured, US Blanks has every possible option available to you.

The endless options can be overwhelming, so as a starting point and a source of inspiration, below are some examples of various glue-up options. 

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Blue High Density Foam T-band