Friday, November 06, 2009

A Special Appearance this Saturday November 7th!!!

Foam E-Z super employee Mark Bouvier will be hanging out at the shop tomorrow, Saturday November 7th. Just in case you don’t know the history Mark has worked for us at Foam E-Z for about three years. He became our "Saturday" Guy and nurtured his own and new clientele making them laugh with his dry sense of humor. He is a shaper and an artist, the Evolution Tee Shirt that debuted at the Foam E-Z Fifteen Year Party is his creation. If you haven't seen him lately it's because he got into a terrible car accident on Thursday July 9th, 2009 Basically he got rear ended and the car came down on top of him, crushing one side of his head! After removing a portion of his skull to drain some fluid Mark had it replaced on September 25th and has since been sent home from the hospital to rehab. He's had to relearn to speak and is rehabbing the rest of his body at this time. It's absolutely amazing how far he has come in such a short time (although to him I'm sure it seems like it's been forever). In the car with him at the time of the accident was his girlfriend Sarah who was pregnant with their first child. Thank god she walked away with barely a scratch. They have since had healthy-happy baby Jack on October 7th.

We hope many of you can come down and say hello to Mark. He would be stoked to see his Foam E-Z friends both old and new to talk shop. If he's not in the front of the shop when you arrive he will be in the "Shaping Box" coaching his Friend Dan as he shapes a new board.

We're working on plans for a benefit party for Mark in the upcoming weeks so stay tuned. In the meantime you can check out Mark's MySpace page at or email him board building questions or good wishes at

Hope to see you all-


Wednesday, November 04, 2009

UV Catalyst …Will Make You Taller, Stronger, and More Attractive

That may not be completely true, or true at all, but it does kind of rule if you are using polyester resin. I’m a huge fan of the UV catalyst and I’ve been using it for about 3 years now, on and off, and have been getting it pretty dialed. I did a board the other day with a resin tint bottom, some additional resin tint splashes on the tail. I then did a resin tinted seal on the foam with multiple tints on the deck as well as doing glass on fins and finished it off with a two 4oz clear deck. I did the usual paste on the bottom and deck before hot coating the board and went 100% UV catalyst. After it was all said and done I only used a total of 2 ¾ quarts of resin and it only took about 3 ½ hours. Another bonus of using the UV catalyst is that the overpowering polyester resin smell doesn’t linger since the resin kicks off as soon as it hits the sun or ultra violet lights leaving less of a chance that a neighbor or family member will complain about the “smell” coming from the garage. Don’t get me wrong, there is still a strong “smell” however, it doesn’t linger as long. So there you go, if you are still hesitant to try it out, call us up and we’ll be more than happy to answer any additional questions.