Thursday, September 27, 2012

QUIVER TEE, A Petticoat For The Right Brained Wave Rats!

We've been watching this Garage Brand grow in it's popularity of the past couple of years as more and more tee shirt designs trickle out to the crew.  Once "Quiver" made it out to the airways we figured it fits in with what we do superbly!  You can now find the Quiver Tee on our Foam E-Z site and on our shelves in the shop.  

This cool design with all your favorite surfboard tail shapes and fin set ups including a sidewalk surf mobile! Surfboards are by far one of the finest sculptures any artist has ever sculpted. They're functional (depending on the rider) and beautiful to look at. Original Art by Local Artist.  The tees look killer and are made with those nice soft slim fitted tees. 

Here's a little something about the Quiver Tee from the artist:

Inside the Garage of the Right Brained Wave Rats – DELVE

There is one thing consistent in our life, change.  Long board/short board, fast/slow, bright /mundane, big/small, hot/cold, loud/quiet, 1 fin, 2 fins, 3 fins, 4 fins, 5?!  We always have something new in front of us, and something, somewhere exciting to explore. Delve reflects change (other than our logo, our involvement in surf culture and our drive to create). Season-to-season, Delve shirts are unrecognizable from each other.
Delve was born out of the goal to do what we love. It came out of the garage and it’s in the garage that the best work still happens. There is something to be said about humble beginnings, and in our case a humble present.

We are Right Brained Wave Rats (R.B.W.R.). We thrive in the creative and love the waves. We find inspiration in every facet of our lives. Delve has many faces, many expressions.  The shirt, Quiver represents those options and overall gives our passion a visual look into what is Delve – it says, "let's have fun and get to business".