Monday, December 26, 2011

Machado Get's His Board Glassed With Entropy Resin!

2011 was a fun year for us here at Foam E-Z. We were able to talk surfboards, build some boards, play with some new tools, meet new people and…basically do what we love. We have some fun stuff lined up for 2012 in the way of new products, events, inter-web, multi-media, and graphical shenanigans. But before we let the cat out of the bag on any of that stuff, here’s a little lost footage that we just recently found from the Sacred Craft show in Del Mar in October 2011.

We met up with our buddies from Entropy Resin and got in the mix as Rob Machado was “shaping” up one of his famous Channel Island “Motor Boat” models. We thought it would be a cool idea to glass it right on the spot using Entropy Epoxy Resin and guess what?…It was! I’m sure that he’s in some exotic location with the board shredding, and wondering, “Whatever happened to those fine fellows from Foam E-Z?” Here we are, bringing you some of that lost footage and suggesting that you make a New Years resolution to try epoxy in 2012. Rob would want you to.