Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Foam E-Z's fuNKy FieldTrip To Future Fins!!!

Last week we got a chance to visit 
and tour the Future Fin Factory/Warehouse.  Luckily for us their facility is only two miles from our shop so we get a chance 
to stop by often.  This time when we showed up we caught Vince Longo (owner) in his office working on some top secret stuff.  
Vince and his wife just had twins so needless to say he has been extremely busy for the last few months.  

After saying hello and a few words of catch up we headed over to the customer service department where Jacob Dildine greeted us.  Jacob, our tour guide, has been with the company for five years and has been moving up through the ranks.  

After saying hi to all the peeps in customer service we headed back to the warehouse.  I'm always blown away at the number of fins and fin boxes they have in stock, but then again they are a fin system company!  The sheer numbers are staggering as they have all their Thermotech fins on one side and all their Premium fins on the other.  There's a big rack holding the white and black fin boxes, the new totally bitchen brightly colored fin boxes, screws, fin keys, etc...  Complete fin system heaven!!!  All these items surround their shipping area where the guys are always busy packing stuff for their US and international customers.  

Future Fins also have a large manufacturing section where they build fins and boxes!  
They have these super high tech CNC machines to cut and foil fins and have a special screen printing machine to apply logos on their fins.  Within their warehouse they have a killer machine shop where they are constantly working on new projects, testing and improving their current systems, and just plain tinkering trying to come up with the next big thing in fins.

It's pretty cool this locally owned company has grown to be one of the big powerhouses in the fin world.  Some of the most popular and successful surfers in the world ride Future Fins.  This is a great testament to the time and effort these guys have spent perfecting their brand.  

We really appreciate them giving us the opportunity to go behind the scenes and see how this operation runs.  Great job guys, keep up the amazing work and continue to push this stuff forward.  Congrats on the twins Vince...