Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sacred Craft Ventura Recap; Two Surfboards Giveaways!!!

We had a blast this past weekend at the Sacred Craft convention at the Ventura Fairgrounds. If you haven’t had the chance to go or you’ve put it off in the past then you’re missing out on some legendary shapers and some up and comers. This show they honored Rennie Yater and had a shape off that included shapers (WINNER) Wayne Rich, Todd Proctor, Michel Junod, Nick Palandrani, Matt Moore, and Dennis Ryder. They had to replicate one of his classic “Spoon” models. They brought their A game for the crowd and it still blows my mind how every shaper went about it differently but still came out with a great looking replica.

Like usual we didn’t just sit around at the show, we had our own bio-based epoxy glassing demo going both days. We had some help this time, and we were able to not only laminate a couple of boards but also give them away; thanks to Marko Foam, Entropy Bio-Based Epoxy Resin, Surf Prescriptions by Doc, Stretch Surfboards, Surfrider Foundation and of course, us…Foam E-Z. Since we love keeping people stoked there was no entry fee for the surfboard raffle so of course people were losing their minds trying to enter before we drew the winner. Just to give you an idea, it was kind of like when the Beatles came to America, complete pandemonium…..okay, not really but we were throwing out free hats!!!!
Bill “Stretch” Rydell from Stretch Surfboards did the laminating on both days of the demo which was really cool because we also got to talk to him about his boards and the different models. He also shared a bunch of little glassing tricks and was very generous to give up his time and to provide the shaped blank. When it came time to draw the names there could only be two winners, so along with the other sponsors of the demo we want to congratulate Stephen Leeruangsri of Arcadia and Mary Barbour of Venice. Stephen was the winner of the Stretch surfboard and Mary scooped up the Surf Prescriptions board.

We hope that if you were there that you had as much fun as we did and be sure to look out for future demos and giveaways from us.

Until next time, happy building.