Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bobble Surf Camp, Free Iphone App

Bobble Surfer Free is an iPhone app from Lemur Software that will help you get your wave fix when you can’t make it out to the ocean. It’s built on the tilt sensitivity of the iPhone, so tilting the phone left will turn the little surfer dude left and tilting the phone right will turn the dude right. The real trick is starting with the phone flat as tilting the phone “up” will stall the surfer and get you caught on the lip of the wave. (This is one of the downfalls of the game. You can’t play it in bed while lying on your back.) Also the game has a pumpin’ surf track to help keep you stoked as you work to build up speed to launch crazed aerials. This game has a similar feel to the old T&C surf game for the original Nintendo…if you remember that one.

The full version (.99¢) is now available in the US iTunes store. It has:

-New learn to surf mode with interactive lessons

-Compete against friends with global ranking systems

-Four all new unlockable breaks for a total of eight

-Grab the rails for harder turns and to score higher

-Choose from four different style boards (shortboard, fish, longboard, and funboard)

-and much more!

Check it out and let us know what you think.

Have fun surfing in the cyberworld.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Gore Vent Plugs, A High Tech Epoxy/EPS Solution!

The newest high-tech product to the Foam E-Z family is the Gore Vent Plug. Now you can stop worrying about your EPS/Epoxy or Hollow Wood surfboard gassing and blowing up! It is the only vent on the market that is made entirely by W.L. Gore. The W.L. Gore design has the membrane bonded around the circumference using a very specialized process. This vent "breathes" constantly alleviating the need to open and close it. Or in worse case, your board soaking up water since you forgot to close it! The vent will flow 40 ml/minute max, and SUP's over 10' or hollow boards should use two (mid-board & near tail). Originally Gore designed this vent for sealed military electronics, so it meets very stringent spec's for a saltwater environment. This vent isn't an immunity to heat problem with EPS and Hollow Wood, and customers should understand that boards still cannot be left in the sun; especially upside down on your surf racks.

The Gore Vent Plugs come in two models:

Glass-In version is designed to be installed under the glass, directly into the foam.

Retro-Fit version is designed to be installed after the board has been glassed.

The Gore Vent Plugs are not cheap at $26.95, but are a great investment for your EPS/Epoxy or Hollow Wood surfboard especially if you want your board to last.

Check out the Gore Vent Plug Installation Manual for the correct directions on installing your Plug.

These plugs are another example of Foam E-Z's effort to carry the highest quality, made in the USA, surfboard building tools and products available. Feel free to let us know if you don't see something you're looking for on our site, most items are only a day away! We're open to all suggestions and comments so please let us know how we're doing.

Thanks for your support-