Friday, August 02, 2013

LEARN TO SHAPE YOUR OWN BOARD!!! Shape Lessons Are For Everyone!

Wanna learn to shape a board????  We give lessons 2-3 times a week right here at in our own E-Z Shape Box.  Our instructor, Chas Wickwire, has lots of experience as he has been shaping for over twenty years!  Chas learned the ropes under the tutelage of Rich Harbour of Harbour Surfboards.  

Our Shape Lessons are great for everyone, young and old, because each lesson is customized to meet your needs. Sure, you can learn to shape on your own by trial and error, which can be frustrating at times, or you can have someone guiding you along the way. With the help of a professional by your side, your board will come out looking, and riding great. Along with books and DVD's, the Foam E-Z Professional Shaping Lessons are another way to educate board builders of every level.

The cost for the Shape lessons are $60/hr. Average time for a shortboard shape lesson is 4 hours and a long board takes approximately 5 hours. You are welcome to bring your buddy, dad, sister, brother, mother, or anyone you'd like to watch at no extra cost. Shape lessons are great for school projects. Each lesson is tailored to suit each student's needs and interests. At the end of the lesson each student will have learned about board design, functionality, basic and advanced shaping techniques. All students will walk away with a functional and aesthetically pleasing custom surfboard to be proud of.

Here's more details about the lessons and finishing out your custom board:

Blanks are sold separately (starting at $45.00).  You can paint your shaped blank yourself or have us professionally paint it.  We can print custom professional looking lams for you starting at $20.00. Just provide us a high quality PDF or Jpeg and we’ll do the rest.  Glassing is sold separately.  Glass your shaped blank yourself or have us professionally glass it (starting at $200).

Email us at  for more details or to schedule your lesson.  To see what dates are available check out the Shape Box Calendar.

Shaping lessons are for everyone! See ya soon…