Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Video Footage of RadRob's board getting Glassed

After a couple of weeks of reorganization we all got together to finish RadRob's Quantum Quad that was shaped in the EZ Shaping Box by Tim Stamps . This time Tim invited us down to the Stamps Factory to do the glassing. Tim did the Future Fins installation, glassjob, and sanding while Brad from Foam E-Z did the Hot Coating. We wanted to crank the board out quick so we decided to use UV Resin to get this thing done. The UV Resin worked amazing and we got the board ready to sand within 2-1/2 hours!!! It was so cool, after each step of resin work we'd just walk outside and let it kick for 10-15 minutes and we were ready for the next step. The board came out amazing and light since the resin kicks so fast there isn't much time for the resin to soak in. Here's our YouTube version of the glassing and sanding experience from that afternoon.

Rob was stoked to get his new board and has been getting RAD on it ever since! Thanks again to Tim, RadRob and Kiri Kien from Perry's Pizza in Huntington Beach.