Friday, December 19, 2008

Twitter Aflutter With Toll Road Talk

Twitter aflutter with toll road talk 

Here’s a sampling of what people were saying on Twitter yesterday about the toll road decision:
@dodgemedlin: A win for surfers, environmentalists - federal agency rejects plan for toll road through San Onofre State Beach. (12:26:06 p.m.)
@chriscote: We Won!! the fight to Save Trestles is over. Check in a few for the whole story. (11:58:13 a.m.)
@Steve_watkins: Awesome! The toll road expansion that threatened Trestles has been killed - (
11:54:18 a.m.)
@klenlaundry: is amped on the Trestles Victory! (11:53:25 a.m.)
@sdradio: @hilahil @andrewwp This is a good day: closing Guantanamo prison; and Trestles SAVED.
(11:49:38 a.m.)
@lkilpatrick: @SaveTrestles your going to need to change your name to Saved Trestles! :) (11:46:49 a.m.)
@JonathanDuarte: Congrats. Surfrider… another success. Toll road Dead! (11:39:13 a.m.)
@lkilpatrick: WOOT TRESTLES SAVED!!! Finally something good from the credit crunch! (11:37:50 a.m.)
@UkuleleJammin: Toll road through Trestles DENIED!!! (via @10News) (11:32:38 a.m.)
@chris949: Trestles has been saved! thank you Dept. of Commerce & Ca. Coastal Commission! (11:23:24 a.m.)
@degroodt: Totally stoked to see the “people” getting their way finally. Toll Road has run rough shod over OC for years. (11:15:15 a.m.)
@brianschoening: The Toll Road is dead! Trestles lives to be surfed another day!! (11:14:46 a.m.)
@tierranet: RT SaveTrestles South Toll Road Extension STOPPED! WE SAVED TRESTLES!!! Nice work everyone (11:10:00 a.m.)
@nique22: YAY!!! RT @swelldotcom: TRESTLES SAVED! THE HIGHWAY TO HELL CRASHES!: The Trestles toll road crashes today . (11:08:50 a.m.)
@formatted_dad: @NeonSurfer . Great news. Lets hope this is the end of the toll road plans. (11:07:53 a.m.)
@locustfist: RT @SaveTrestles South Toll Road Extension STOPPED! WE SAVED TRESTLES!!! Nice work everyone! (11:07:35 a.m.)
@SaveTrestles South Toll Road Extension STOPPED! WE SAVED TRESTLES!!! Nice work everyone! (11:06:07 a.m.)
@scorpusmaximus: WOOT! We saved Trestles! (for now): a.m.)
@NeonSurfer: WE SAVED SANO!!! Toll Road Extension KILLED!!! (10:52:31 a.m.)
@Foa.m.EZ: [What the blank???] Trestles Saved! 241 South Toll Road Extentsion Killed (10:50:42 a.m.)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Trestles Saved! 241 South Toll Road Extentsion Killed

Department of Commerce Rules on Foothill/Eastern Transportation Corridor Agency Consistency Appeal

The Department of Commerce today upheld the California Coastal Commission’s objection to a proposal to construct a 16-mile toll road connecting California state Route 241 to Interstate 5 in southern Orange and northern San Diego counties.

The commission objected to the proposed project under the federal Coastal Zone Management Act on the grounds that the toll road was not consistent with the state’s coastal zone management program. Under the CZMA, federal agencies may not issue any permits required for a project if a state has objected, unless the Department of Commerce, on appeal, overrides the objection.

The Foothill/Eastern Transportation Corridor Agency appealed the commission’s objection to the Department of Commerce in February, triggering an administrative review process that involved written briefs and arguments by the parties, input from interested federal agencies, tens of thousands of written comments from the public, and a 10-hour public hearing in San Diego County.

Under the CZMA, the department may override an objection only if no reasonable alternative to the project exists and the proposal is consistent with the objectives of the CZMA, or if the project is necessary in the interest of national security. The department determined that there is at least one reasonable alternative to the project. The department also found that the project is not necessary in the interest of national security.

TCA may pursue another route for its proposed toll road that the commission determines is consistent with California’s coastal zone management program, and TCA is not limited to the alternative proposal described in the department’s decision.

Since the enactment of the CZMA in 1972, the department has acted on 43 appeals, upholding 29 objections by state agencies and overriding 14.

From NOAA understands and predicts changes in the Earth's environment, from the depths of the ocean to the surface of the sun, and conserves and manages our coastal and marine resources.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Despite being a 1000-year-old sport with a $7 billion industry, surfing has failed to produce the demographic and economic studies to show who we are, where we live, and what we spend. So while other interest groups bolster their arguments with impressive numbers to prove their positions, all-too often, surfers get blindsided and bowled over, unable to offer a single hard number to support their cases or save their breaks.


Friday, December 12, 2008

Custom Blanks!!!

U.S Blanks dropped off a really cool custom blank this week. Newport shaper Mino Suzuki ordered a 9-9B with a angled T-band stringer ( 1/2 colored foam sandwidched between (2) 1/8" dark cedar stringers, and black glue lines). This is just another great example of the awesome things U.S. blanks can do with custom blanks. Custom blanks can be ordered over the phone or in the shop here at Foam E-Z and usually have a 1-2 week turn around time.

Look forward to seeing you soon. Happy holiday shopping!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Dingy Thingy - Fixing Your Stick the Right Way!

Dingy Thingy – Fixing Your Stick the right way
by Adam Wright

If you are like me then you probably have at least attempted to repair your board at some point during your surfing lifetime. It seems so easy...just mix a little of this, a little of that, a little sanding and viola you are ready to get back in the water. Riiiiiight, things are never that easy...I don't know about you but when I was first starting to fix dings I would generally turn my board into a total cluster-f*@k of a sticky, itchy mess that has very little to do with being watertight and is more about making your board more ugly than it was before, as well as ruining your clothes at the same time.

I am not sure where the breakdown usually occurs in the process...maybe it is the sudden time crunch you feel when you drop the catalyst into the resin and everything starts to heat up...maybe it is just the fact that none of the materials seem to work well together until they bond up in the final product...maybe it is just the pure stickiness of the resin that seems to get on everything. All I know is that if there is a way for something to go wrong it probably will.

magic potion

Anyway enough about my incompetency (actually I am not too bad at ding-repairs now that I have been doing them for 15 or so years)...I figured that there a lot of you out there interested
trying it for yourself or at least learning what is the proper way to make a repair. I probably could have walked you through some sort of retarded fix myself but I figured that it we should probably talk to an expert who has done this for a living. So I went to Brad Nadell over at to see if he could help walk us through a ding-repair.

There are a lot of different places you can accidentally munch your board, some of which are pretty difficult to in the interest of everyone's sanity (and our outer layer of skin that we can potentially lose) we thought it would be best if we start with a relatively simple repair.

So here is the have been out surfing at Lowers, ripping (like you usually do), and after a long session you head to the beach to hang out with your hot swimsuit model girlfriend (or boyfriend...if you swing that way). As you belly across the inside cobbles at low tide you feel that gut-wrenching crunch as your board bottoms out on a particularly sharp rock. After doing the ankle-snap dance to the beach you see a nice big hole in your bottom deck. You being the handi-capable person that you are decide to fix the board yourself.

I actually let Brad smack a hole in the bottom deck of my board so that we could walk through the repair...though I think he got a bit of evil satisfaction taking the hammer to my thruster.

Hmm...that rock was surprisingly shaped like a hammer.

So here are the steps...they break down into three stages that sound easier than they actually are: Prep, Glassing, and Sanding

Stage 1 - Prep

1. Set up your workplace - Having a large enough area to work is important since you may need to walk around the board to get at it from different angles. Ideally your workspace will have some shade and will be well ventilated. Also remember that the resin can make a horrible mess so make sure you are either doing the repair over some sort of floor covering or an area that you don’t mind trashing. (like next to your beat up Camaro that you have on blocks in the dead grass of your front yard).

2. Plan out the repair in your head - It is good to have a battle plan thought out before you actually put the tools on the board or activate the resin. Think about the steps you need for the repair...will you need to fill the hole with q-cell? Will you need to have a couple of sheets of glass?
What sort of finish do you want the board to have when you are done? Do you need pigment for the resin? These are the sorts of questions that you need to address before starting.

3. Lay out your tools and materials - Get out everything that you will need for your repair. Make sure you have enough.

For this repair we actually were doing the repair in a glassing/painting/shaping bay at Tim Stamps factory. Below is a list of the materials that we used...(if you click the links you can actually order these products from the online store...see isn't that handy!)...actually I hope this doesn’t come off like an advertorial, Brad and the gang were super cool to donate their time, expertise, and materials for this story…and since I am a big fan of supporting surfer-labor I thought that linking up their products would be a nice way to thank them. Show 'em some love if you need a board fixed.

a. Q-Cell (hollow microspheres, you mix it with the resin to create filler)
b. Squeegee
c.Laminating Resin
d. Surfacing Agent (turns lam-resin into sanding resin)
e. UV Activated Catalyst
f. Mixing Buckets
h. Tacky Glue (for sticking sanding pads on the sander)
i. Resin Brushes
j. White Pigment
k. Sandpaper (80-100 grit for prep/repair...then 220-300+ for the final sanding)
l. Mixing Sticks
m. Rubber Gloves (please turn your head and cough)
n. Fiberglass cloth (not pictured)
o. Mask/Respirator (not pictured)

p. FlexPad sanding pad (not pictured)

4. Prepping the Ding - Once you have your workstation, tools and materials in place you can finally get to work. First thing is that you want to get the ding in shape so that the repair materials will bond properly with your board. You start by sanding the area with 80-100 grit paper. You need to be a little gentle in this process so you don't end up sanding away healthy parts of your board. Ideally you are going to want to sand a slightly concave bowl around the the ding is the deepest section of the bowl and it gets progressively more level to the deck of the board as you move further away from the ding. (This will let us layer in fiberglass for the the patch will hold and we can get the bottom deck to be flush when we are done sanding.) It is best to take this part can make the mistake of sanding too much...or not sanding enough...both can be problematic.

Once the sanding is done you pull out any broken fiberglass so that you can get the filler to actually touch the foam core.

5. Cutting Fiberglass Cloth - Next you want to measure out some fiberglass so that you can properly cover the hole and the slight depression that you just sanded into the board. 4oz cloth is usually enough for a repair...particularly if you are going to be layering extra-cloth to create the patch.

We actually used three circles...each one bigger than the create the patch that we would be glassing over the filled hole.

Stage 2 - Glassing (AKA sticking to things)

A few notes on this stage of the ding-repair

For this repair we used a cool product that Brad had brought along...I don't know the specific name... but basically it is a UV activated catalyst...sort of like what you would see in other solar-ding-repair kits but you can drop this catalyst into standard laminating resin and as long as you stay out of the sunlight it won't trigger the chemical reaction that causes resin to set. This is particularly sweet because it gives you time to work with the resin...getting the ding or glass job properly set before setting off the catalyst. Naturally this might not be the best set up if you don't have a shady place to fix your board...if that is the case you will want to stick with the standard resin/catalyst that activates shortly after the two chemicals are mixed.
*** There are a few catches with the UV Catalyst; when using it with Q-Cell filler, pigmented resin, or under lams you must add a bit of regular MEKP Catalyst since the UV rays cannot adequately reach the resin to activate it entirely.

Also...Brad pointed out that you want to know the difference between Laminating Resin and
Sanding Resin. So here is a quick little definition of the two resin types.

Laminating Resin - Lam resin is the "pure" stuff you want to use when you are trying to get the resin to stick to either the surfboard foam core, ding-filler, or to other patches of rough sanded, already set, fiberglass. This stuff will eventually dry out and harden but it doesn't really lose the tacky, slightly rubbery feel. It also doesn't sand very will always see the "cross hatching" of the fiberglass cloth as you rough-sand it.

Sanding Resin - Sanding Resin is actually almost like the Lam Resin but it has a few other chemicals, including paraffin wax & Styrene Monomer, that hardens into a smoother and
more ridged surface that is much more suited to the fine sanding that you need to do in order to do the final smooth-out of the ding-repair.

Ok with that out of the way...on to the repair.

1. Filling the hole - A big deep gouge, like the one that we put in my board, required us to use a little filler to create a plug that will stick to the foam of the surfboard and at the same time provide a stable sticky platform for the fiberglass cloth that we will use to patch the hole later.

You might be able to get away with just dribbling laminate resin in a smaller ding or crack but when the ding is big enough that the patching glass can bend or dip it is a good idea to paste in some filler before starting the glass work.

To fill this ding we used Q-cell which you mix into the laminating resin.

2. Mixing the Q-Cell - Creating the resin/q-cell mix is sort of an art...there is no hard and fast mixing ratio. You start by mixing the resin and catalyst together and then adding q-cell until it gets to the thickness/tackiness that you need for it to stay in the ding (similar thickness to preschool paste). You may also want to add some pigment so that the filler plug doesn't look bright green/see-through. We added a touch of white to this repair.

The filler should be malleable enough to spread around but it shouldn't drip a ton. For a ding like the one in the flat part of the bottom deck the filler can be a little thin...but a repair on the rail or
the nose you might need the filler to be almost like super soft play-dough. Or that gummy bear that has been in my pocket all afternoon and it nice and squishy.

3. Filling the hole (didn't I have a section titled that already?)

This part is pretty easy. Take filler. Fill hole.

Smooth filler to the top of the foam.

4. Placing the Patch

Ok now that you have the filler in place you take the lovely fiberglass circles that we cut out earlier and place them on top of the filler...ideally before the filler has set.

Start with the smallest circle of cloth (the size of the hole)...then follow with the next biggest size until all of them are placed.

5. Apply the Lam Resin (without the q-cell filler)

Now you apply the lam resin...we already had ours mixed with the UV filler...but if you are working without the UV component you will mix a separate cup of Lam Resin and drop in the catalyst to set it off.

Once mixed pour a fairly liberal amount onto the cloth patches.

And then take your squeegee and smooth the resin over the cloth...making sure that it saturates all of the cloth, and that you smooth out any air bubbles that might have formed.

6. Let the resin set (drink a beer, take a nap, or something)

For our repair we actually took the board out into the sun and let the UV light set off the catalyst. This UV technique actually really sped up the hardening process and the board was ready to be rough sanded in just a few minutes.

The hardened laminating resin will look something like this.

Stage 3 - Sanding (and some more glassing, then more sanding...damn are we done yet?)

1. Sanding the Lam Resin - Ok we are in the home stretch now. We start the sanding process by rough sanding the laminate resin and our patch.

Ideally you should use something like 100-150 grit paper to do this part. Don't get trigger happy though...just sand enough to take some of the rough parts off the lam resin. If you sand too much you might end up having to do some another patch job (I am speaking from my own
dumb-ass experience here).

2. Applying Sanding Resin - once you have the lam resin sanded then you mix up a batch of sanding resin to paint on over the repair. For our repair we used the same laminating resin that we had been using (the stuff with UV catalyst). We added a touch more catalyst and some surfacing agent which is basically the chemical cocktail that is mixed into Lam Resin to turn
it into Sanding Resin.

Using a brush, put on a thin coat that covers all of the repair area and laminating resin. Then let it harden (or in our case take it back out into the sun to cure).

3. Final Sanding - Once the sanding resin has set...bust out the sander again but this time use
increasing finer grit until you achieve the smoothness that your board originally had.

You should probably move up into the 220-320 grit paper fairly fast...andif you are looking for a super smooth finish...try and hit up some wet-sanding paper (generally above 800-grit) and hand sand it for the final polish.

Final Stage - Go Surf

Once the board is sanded, and water-tight, it is ready...though it is always good to give the patch a couple of extra days out of the water so that it can cure properly. Have fun shredding on your newly healed stick.
Adam Wright

Monday, December 01, 2008


We are now offering a full selection of US Blank “Seconds”. We have the full range from 5-9 on up - shortboard, fish, and longboard blanks. Of course the selection will vary based on availability. The prices range from $35.00 for shorties to $85.00 for ten footers. Great deals and rock bottom prices to get you through the winter!!

These blanks are downgraded to “second” quality for one or more of the following reasons:

- slant rails (from paper pinch in the mold)
- buckshot air
- inconsistent cell structure
- damage
- crooked stringer
- pukas – anything too large we through out.
- soft spot near rails or nose and tail from improper distribution

Anything US Blanks thinks might be off ratio / shrinker, large pukas, etc they trash and won’t sell.



Call or come on down to check them out.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The 5-10RP Fish Blank by US Blanks

We've been waiting for this one since Clark Foam went out of business in December 2005! The 5'10"RP by US Blanks just arrived in our shop and we're stoked to have it. This polyurethane fish plug was shaped by San Diego legend Rich Pavel. He is one of the experts and innovators in the revolution of the Fish board. Rich has been deeply involved in the "Fish Fry" events around the world which are his inspiration for this blank. The blank is versatile enough to be able to shape short high performance fish as well as traditional fish boards up to 5'10". This blank is thick enough to yield 2-3/4" if you're trying to recreate an old school design.

Come in the shop and check them out.

See you soon-


Monday, November 10, 2008

Posca Pens back in stock!

It's been a long time but we have the original Posca Pens back in stock. They've always been difficult to get since they come from Japan. We now have a great source that will help us to keep them in stock at all times. See how creative you can be with these pens and feel free to send us pics of your color job and we'll post them on our site. Have fun!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


US Blanks Goes High Performance!

US Blanks, is proud to announce the release of their new high performance polyurethane foam formulation effective immediately. In responding to the growing demand for a light density, high performance surfboard blank, US Blanks has responded with what will be named their new Red density.The new red foam is the same weight as the old red foam, is more dense (to result in less pressure dents and a longer life of your board), and has better recoil than there old red foam. Feed back from local shapers has been very positive, with everyone saying it shapes and glasses well.

We are currently stocking all short boards and short fishes in the new Red Foam. If you need a different size with Red Foam feel free to custom order it, they're only a week away. Please stop in and press your thumb into a Red blank and compare it to the Blues.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Happy Voting Day!

Today is that day every four years when you should get out and let your voice heard. The problem is that for most of us allot of the propositions are to hard to decipher. It seems they are written in some type of legal mumbo jumbo to make it hard for the public to make heads or tales of. My theory is to keep it simple and vote on what you know and what you really believe in don't try to vote on everything on the ballot. It's kind of like a scantron test and you're shooting for a "B".

Have fun and enjoy the day.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Rob Machado and Pat O'Connell Shape a surfboard at Sacred Craft!

Pro surfers Rob Machado and Pat O'Connell came out to the Sacred Craft Show to shape a surfboard in front of hundreds of people. The two surfers/shapers were mic'ed up and placed inside a fishbowl type shaping bay for everyone to watch and listen. Machado shaped a Channel Island stub and O'Connell shaped a Timmy Patterson style thruster. It was fun to watch these guys handle the tools and blanks and hear what they had to say during the shaping process. A good time was had by all.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


We just got the Fusion Plugs in and they seem to be a nice alternative to the usual FCS Plugs. The Fusion Install Kit makes it extra easy to install teh plugs the correct way. Here is a link to the FCS Fusion Install Manual

FCS created the Fusion because of a need for a high quality, easy to install system, that can be installed under the fiberglass (as preferred by boards using new technologies such as EPS). This also provides the consumer a higher performing fin system that fits the worlds largest range of premium fins.

The insert provides a base of high density foam. This helps disperse any forces on the plug. It provides a solid base so the plug does not rotate or sink into the foam. This is especially evident in EPS blanks of low densities.

The slots in the Fusion plugs are slightly elongated which allows slight fore and aft movement of the fins, this is great for fine tuning the performance of the board.

The FCS Fusion offers 3 different cant angles (0º, 5º, 9º): This makes the system easy to install and minimizes the chance of error in fin angles.

We appreciate any feedback you can give us on new products.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


We finally got the Clark Foam Planer back in stock. It was out of production for about a year but they're back now. Nothing mechanically has changed but there is a shiny metal green box the planers now come in. The planer is still being modified by the former Clark Foam engineer.

Here's a short description of the tool:

The mechanism that controls the cutting depth has been modified to make a full cut with only a quarter turn of the knob. The new features include a modified rear handle, two way pass clearance, precision depth adjustment mechanism (sealed), 20' cord, Exhaust Attachment, and improved sealed bearings for more power.

You can purchase the planer online at or feel free to call or email with questions or to place an order.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Quite the line up at SACRED CRAFT !!!

We got this email this morning with the updated event schedule for Sacred Craft starting this Sat Oct 11. Lot's of cool stuff going on with shaping seminars and the such. Stop by and check us out (booth B-16), we'll be giving out some cool shwag just like last year! Hope to see you there. Brad and the Guys at Foam E-Z.



SATURDAY OCTOBER 11 - Akeena Solar Shaping Bay
10am - Ned Mahon San Diego
NOON - Ward Coffey Santa Cruz
2pm - Chris Christenson San Diego
4pm - Ricky Carroll (defending champ) - Florida

SUNDAY OCTOBER 12 - Akeena Solar Shaping Bay
10am - Timmy Patterson - San Clemente
NOON - Matt Calvani - Los Angeles
3pm - Judging - Hank Warner; Bird Huffman; Ernie Higgins; Chris Aherns; Tim Bessell
3:30pm Awards





1030AM DAVE DAUM - 'In Shaping Bay' seminar @ Coors Banquet shaping bay; Watch and listen as master shaper Dave Daum walks and talks you through the entire shaping process as he crafts a new board; QnA from audience; one lucky audience member will walk away with the finished blank courtesy of Ice-Nine Foam Works and Dave Daum Surfboards
11AM JEREMY SHERWIN - Renewable Surfboards: A whole new way of thinking - changing the mindset of the masses.
11:30AM ROBERT AUGUST / WINGNUT: Longboard quivers QnA with Endless Summer II stars
12:45pm DAVID RENSIN: Author of "All For A Few Perfect Waves: The Audacious Life and Times of Rebel Surfer Miki Dora"; Biographer QnA; Book signing
3:15PM TOM WEGENER- The Alaia; past to present wave sliding perspectives.
4:30PM AKEENA SOLAR: Why going green with solar is easier and more cost effective than ever.


10:30AM AKEENA SOLAR: Why going green with solar is easier and more cost effective than ever.
11:15 AM LEE VANDERHURST - SWAYLOCKS: Swaylocks as a resource for the home surfboard builder; QnA from audience
2:00 PM DREW BROPHY - Artist extraordinaire. Paint pens explained. Paint your own board, it's simple, fun and now it is explained by legendary surf artist Drew Brophy.


1030AM DAVE DAUM - 'In Shaping Bay' seminar @ Coors Banquet shaping bay; Watch and listen as master shaper Dave Daum walks and talks you through the entire shaping process as he crafts a new board; QnA from audience; one lucky audience member will walk away with the finished blank courtesy of Ice-Nine Foam Works and Dave Daum Surfboards
1PM MICAH WOOD - At 26 years old, Micah Wood represents the new breed of young shapers that includes Chris Cravey, Ryan Burch, Jeff McCallum, DJ Kane, Josh Hall and others. Micah is a local San Diego surfer/shaper who works at Waterlines Unlimited.
3PM BRAD GERLACH - Local San Diegan and legendary professional surfer Brad Gerlach takes to the planer. Gerlach's board will e auctioned off with proceeds going to SURFAID INTERNATIONAL.

1030AM DAVE DAUM - 'In Shaping Bay' seminar @ Coors Banquet shaping bay; Watch and listen as master shaper Dave Daum walks and talks you through the entire shaping process as he crafts a new board; QnA from audience; one lucky audience member will walk away with the finished blank courtesy of Ice-Nine Foam Works and Dave Daum Surfboards
12 NOON PAT O'CONNELL Retired WCT surfer and star of Endless Summer II puts the mask on and gets all foamy for his charity SURFRIDER FOUNDATION
2pm ROB MACHADO Ultra smooth local legend Machado will enter the foam fray and will undoubtedly create a smooth aquatic slipper for whcih to walk the water. Charity: Rob Machado Foundation benefitting the arts programs for Cardiff Schools.


Boards by Gary Hanel/Moonlight glassing, Danny Hess, Matt Biolos/Lost, Dave Daum, Ron House/Drew Brophy, Craig Hollinsworth/Wade Koniakowsky, Stu Kenson, PhotoCloth/Headlline Graphics

Viewing and bidding both days and continued at HANSENS BOARDROOM THROUGH DEC 1.

NOTE: First 100 paid in the door both Sat & Sun entered in 'early bird' chance drawing for a new board! All paid attendees automatically entered in a seperate chance drawing.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Seal Beach and Long Beach Surfing Pioneers

What an awesome night in the history of Seal beach! Thursday September 25th at 7:30pm some of Seal Beach and Long Beach's earliest surf pioneers got together for a Q & A session. Some of the panel members included Harold Walker, Bob "Ole" Olson, Harry Schurch.

Harold Walker of Walker Foam was one of the pioneers in making polyurethane foam cores back in the early sixties. He competed with Clark Foam for forty plus years until finally going out of business in 2007. He is now working with Ice Nine to try to perfect their foam formulas.

Ole is famous as an early master craftsman of surfboards in the beginning foam era. He still makes surfboards in Maui under the Ole name. Ole flew out to Seal Beach to join his old buddies to talk about Seal Beach surfing days.

Another of the legendary crew is Harry Schurch. He was involved in that first attempt at surfing Waimea Nov of 1957 with Greg Noll, Micky Munoz, and Mike Stange. They all paddled out in 15 to 18 foot Waimea Bay on 40 pound planks in an attempt to survive the massive drop.

Shaping and Seal beach legend Rich Harbour attended the discussion that included many hilarious stories from the boys. Of course everyone had something to say about the notorious and ever present Sphinx. It stood on top of Blackie Augusts (Robert Augusts' Dad) house for some forty plus years. They told about how they would show up at the beach to go surfing and there wouldn't be anyone else in the water so they would have to wait until a buddy arrived to adventure out. There were endless classic stories from this eventful Seal Beach night. Unfortunately two guys from the main crew ,Jack Haley Sr. and Lloyd Murray, were not present (having passed away in recent years) but they were memorialized in the many stories.

Monday, September 29, 2008


Shelter Surf Shop ended there summer film series this past Saturday with there premier of the Australian surf film Seaworthy. The film was a good representation of Australian surfers getting back to the roots of surfing.The film had footage of everything from Tom Wegener surfing a 16 foot Alaia, to Beau Young surfing on a Simmons fish he shaped with his father. The night was capped off by live music from the Tijuana Panthers, and the Shakas and Single fins photo show. Thanks to the crew at Shelter for putting on a great party, can't wait until next summer!
Reported by RadRob

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Foothill-South 241 Toll Road Fails to Meet Criteria for Bush Administration Override

Elected Officials and Save San Onofre Coalition Voice Strong Opposition To Toll Road Through San Onofre State Beach

DEL MAR, Calif., Sept 22, 2008 In an eight-plus hour event and with more than 3,000 toll road opponents in attendance, state and local elected officials and members of the Save San Onofre Coalition spoke before three Bush Administration officials overseeing a Commerce Department hearing on the Foothill-South Toll Road.

"The people of Orange and San Diego Counties reject this road," commented Bobby Shriver, Santa Monica Councilman and former president of the California State Park and Recreation Commission. "They have proved that by showing up in huge numbers at the Parks Commission hearings, at the Coastal Commission hearing and again today at the Commerce Department hearing."

Testimony focused on how the toll road fails to meet the Commerce Department's specific criteria to overturn the California Coastal Commission's Feb. 2008 decision against the project. Some notables testifying included: California State Treasurer Bill Lockyer; State Senator Christine Kehoe (D-San Diego); Santa Monica Councilman Bobby Shriver; Irvine Councilman Larry Agran, who as a TCA board member cast a vote against the proposed toll road alignment; and San Diego Councilwoman Donna Frye.

"There is no compelling national interest to over-ride the California Coastal Commission, the toll road fails to meet the criteria for an override, and the proposed toll road's adverse impacts outweigh the purported and questionable benefits of this project," Lockyer stated in his testimony at today's hearing. "Reasonable alternatives exist that both TCA and the Federal Highway Administration have refused to explore adequately."

"No credible basis exists to believe the TCA's 11th hour claim that its project is essential to national security. The Marine Corps has publicly rejected the claim, presumably because running a toll road through Camp Pendleton would inevitably impede, not improve, our military readiness," added Lockyer.

"The TCA and the politicians comprising its board provided no new information that supports a Bush Administration override of the State of California," stated Elizabeth Goldstein, president of the California State Parks Foundation and member of the Save San Onofre Coalition. "For the TCA, a single-purpose agency focused solely on building and operating toll roads, to select a route through the 5th most popular state park in California is a bad that must be stopped."

Big Props to all those who went to the hearing!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008


Please go to the Commerce Dept. Hearing on the Toll Road - You are Needed

Where : Del Mar Fairgrounds
When: TODAY September 22, 2008 ~10:30 A.M. - 8:30 P.M.

WHAT: A public hearing regarding the toll road through San Onofre State Beach. Throngs of toll road opponents gathering to ensure the Federal Government upholds the decision made by the California Coastal Commission--no toll roads through state parks!

WHEN: Monday September 22, 2008. The hearing is from 10:30am-8:30pm. Of course, we would like everyone to attend all day (take a sick day, like the rest of us: ) or come for at least a few hours.
WHERE: O'Brien Hall at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. 2260 Jimmy Durante Blvd. Del Mar, CA 92014. Just off the I-5 in Del Mar at Via de la Valle exit.Do you have friends who are out of state and can't come? They can stay updated throughout the day.

Agenda for Hearing:

Surfrider, and our partners, will be providing supporters with tee shirts and other goodies (first come, first served). We will have food coupons to distribute to those who sign in at the welcome booth. Since we are a nonprofit, it's hard to feed everyone huge meals, but we do want to make sure that our supporters are taken care of and have sustained energy to be at the hearing all day. Upon arriving, please check in at the welcome booth to receive your tee shirts and food coupons. Please note the following agenda is a rough estimate.

• 10:30am-1:30pm: Testimony from Elected Officials. There are several outstanding elected officials speaking on our behalf including Bobby Shriver, Donna Frye, Bill Lockyer and others.

• 1:30pm-2pm: Testimony from Organizations. Surfrider Foundation and other interesting organizations will be heard during the next few hours.

• 2:00-2:30: Official Hearing Break. We are having a rally in the pavilion area behind O'Brien hallcome and learn more about how the day will go and what to expect.

• 2:30-5:00: Continued Testimony from Organizations and Native American Tribes.

• 5:00-5:30: Official Hearing Break. Please be sure to visit our letter writing station during the break. We want to fill the drop boxes with letters opposing the toll road.

• 5:30-8:30: During this time, organizations will finish speaking and the general public will begin testimony. It's challenging to say exactly what time the general public will speak. As you know, not everyone from the public will be able to speak since the meeting ends exactly at 8:30pm. See the list of speakers below.

• 8:30pm-9pm: Meet us outside of the O'Brien hall as we gather to celebrate our efforts, enjoy acoustic music, and listen to special guest speakers. Recognized singer-songwriter Steve Ybarra will play music which has been featured on radio and television across the country. Shaun Tomson, World Champion Surfer, will be our featured guest speaker. Upon listening to Shaun, we will hear from prominent environmental leaders. As you know, there will not be a decision made at the hearing, so it's important that we come together to ‘celebrate our efforts of the day' and begin to look forward! We expect the Federal Government will make their decision by then end of the fall/early winter.

View list of speakers: click here If you plan to drive yourself please note that the Del Mar Fairgrounds charges $9 for parking. Check out carpool belwo. Please pass this around to everyone who cares about protecting our State Parks! We need thousands of people to attend!

Also, please review guidelines for the hearing. click here Attending hearing is much like being in a court room; we need to be calm, cool and collected. We can't cheer, hold our signs above our heads, or be distracting. Read the rules--they are long, but they say it all! See you on Monday Sept 22 at Del Mar…

Your pals at Surfrider,

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


The Toll Road hearing, Next Monday, Sept 22

Dear Trestles Supporters the hearing is fast approaching.

We need you to bring your friends and family! As we saw at the Coastal Commission hearing, when over 3,000 people show up and demand protection of Panhe, San Onofre and Trestles, decision makers listen! We cannot let the Bush administration overturn a decision that has already been made in California. Get ready! It's time to gather and defend our sacred place.

Hopefully you have had a chance to read the hearing procedures: click here Hand-held sings need be a specific dimension (13 x 22 inches). Surfrider will be setting up sign-making stations to ensure everyone has "the right sized signs"; and we'll also be passing out signs already made.

Since the hearing will go ‘all day', we are creating interactive stations and planning fun activities outside the hearing (such as, face painting for the kids, frisbee, hacky sack, and of course letter writing stations)! If you can't come for the entire day, please stop by for a bit--just coming for an hour or two CAN make a difference--at this point, public pressure is key to stopping this toll road.

At the hearing, there will be "drop boxes" for letters and we need to fill them up! If you have friends who cannot come, please let them know you can hand-deliver a letter for them.

Surfrider, and our partners, will be providing supporters with tee shirts and other goodies (first come, first served). Upon arriving, please check in at the welcome booth.

During the hearing break (scheduled at 2pm), we are planning a rally with special speakers. We will also gather briefly after the hearing to re-cap the day and celebrate our efforts!

We have space in our bus/carpool. If you are coming from Orange County, email Robin: If you are in San Diego, email: and indicate if you would like to leave from Ocean Beach or Oceanside. If you are driving yourself, please note there is a $9 parking fee.

Don't forget our street corner demonstration on Sunday before the hearing. September 21st--9am: Street San Elijo Ave and Chesterfield Dr, in Cardiff, CA. Meet us on the corner of San Elijo and Chesterfield in Cardiff, CA (near the Patagonia store). Patagonia Address: 2185 San Elijo Ave Cardiff By Sea, CA 92007.

Thanks for your continued support and see you on Sept 22!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Aloha Midget

Quote: "I'd like to think that I've steered a couple of guys to the right path on their careers … like Dino Andino and Andy Fomenko, two guys that actually wound up having a career and making some money at it and turned out to be really nice human beings." -Jeff 'Midget' Smith

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


If you missed it last year you should make a point to attend the Sacred Craft Surf Show this October 11-12. This event is for you it is a CONSUMER SURFBOARD EXPO. The show will have another TRIBUTE TO THE MASTERS SHAPE-OFF this time honoring Bill Caster. Each shaper has one and a half hours in the shaping bay during the SACRED CRAFT Consumer Surfboard Expo to replicate a classic CASTER shape (which will be on display for all to see). Each shaper will start with the same exact blank and outline. The shaping will take place on each day of the show in the portable shaping bay on the show floor at the SACRED CRAFT Consumer Surfboard Expo.
The finished, anonymous blanks will then be judged.

There will be a number of seminars:
Tentative Seminar/Panel Discussion Schedule

11:30am ROBERT AUGUST / WINGNUT: Longboard quivers QnA with Endless Summer II stars

12:45pm DAVID RENSIN: Author of "All For A Few Perfect Waves: The Audacious Life and Times of Rebel Surfer Miki Dora" Biographer QnA; Book signing

2pm JON STILLMAN/HAROLD WALKER: Foam - Past Present & Future

3:15pm TOM WEGENER- The Alaia; past to present wave sliding perspective

4:30pm SURF MOVIE: Special screening of "Between The Lines"

10:30am AKEENA SOLAR: Going green with solar is easier and more cost effective than ever

11:15 am LEE VAN DER HURST - SWAYLOCKS: Swaylocks and the home surfboard builder - A resource for your questions.

1:30 pm DREW BROPHY - Artist extrodinaire. Paint pens explained.

* Matt Biolos, Ron House, Craig Hollingsworth, Dave Daum, Danny Hess, Jim Phillips/Headline Graphics, Gary Hanel/Moonlight Glassing, Stu Kenson
* Boards on display/silent auction and voted on by expo goers and TMSO shapers. Boards then on display at Hansen Surfboards for one month

Check out for more info.



Monday, August 25, 2008

RIP Midget

Surfer/Shaper Midget Smith lost his battle with cancer yesterday. The San Clemente local passed away at his home surrounded by his family and close friends. Smith was first diagnosed with the deadly disease over 20 years ago and beat it. His cancer then came back in the last year and he had been fighting it ever since. Midget Smith also was the head judge for the ASP North America and played a major role in the San Clemente progressive surfing movement back in the 1970’s and 80’s. RIP Midget Smith.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cool Custom Colored Blanks!

Check these polyurethane blanks from US Blanks. This is just a small idea of the possibilities for your next custom surfboard blank. Most custom blanks take only one week to arrive! Let us know if you'd like to customize your next blank.

Thursday, July 31, 2008


Just letting everyone know that we can get custom blanks from US Blanks with a one to two week lead time. We can get any blank with any stringer configuration using red cedar, basswood, balsa wood, colored foam, and spruce. They are even doing entire boards in colored foam. Along with the stringers and colored foam custom rockers are no problem. Give us a call or email with your custom idea and we can get you a quote. We will continue to post pics of the different custom blanks that come in.

Look forward to seeing what cool custom blanks you guys come up with.


Friday, July 04, 2008

The ultimate shaping block is here!

Just in, FlexPad has made the E-Z Shaping Block exclusively for us. This Shaping Block is a multi functional shaping tool. Use the balsa side with 40grit sandpaper for hard sanding, use the Soft Yellow Pad side with sandpaper or screen for smoothing out bumps, or change out to the Blue Softie Pad with screen for finish sanding. The block is made of balsa wood and comes stock with a Velcro Soft Yellow Replaceable Foam Pad. Stop by and check one out.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

ProBox is in full force here at Foam E-Z!

If you're looking for ProBox fins, boxes, install kits etc... we now have it all in stock and can be found on our website under Fins & Fin Systems. If you can't find the fins you're looking for call or email us and we can have them here for you usually within two days.

ProBox addresses many of the shortcomings of existing systems in the surfboard marketplace. Adjustments can be made to the fin position forward and backward and the cant [fin angle]. These adjustments allow the performance of a surfboard to be tuned to the conditions, type of surfboard or rider. The fin cant is adjusted through a revolutionary patented insert mechanism that provides controlled angles, initially 4 different inserts are provided 0°, 4°, 6°, and 8°.

This fin system is very easy to install with a minimum of tooling. A single reusable jig is used to handle the alignment, routing, and anchoring of the box during the installation process. No fin is required to install the box as the jig correctly locates the box on the board while suspending it over the routed hole. These jigs are extremely inexpensive and reusable!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Surfboard Design Workshop with Bill Thrailkill

Here's a little slide show from the Workshop this past Saturday June 7th at the Surfing Heritage Museum in San Clemente. Enjoy!

Monday, June 09, 2008

UV Polyester Resin Laminating Demo at Foam E-Z

Check out some footage of Dave from Revchem glassing this polyurethane surfboard blank. The board was glassed with UV cure polyester resin. It went from a shaped blank to ready for sanding in one hour. Thanks to Dave and the sun for the awesome demo!

Stay posted for more video and pics from the event.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Foam E-Z 15 Years of Shaping it, Glassing it, and Surfing it!

The party/event was one for the ages. Here's a short slide show put together by one of our friends. Enjoy and there will be more to come. It was great to see everyone who was there although it was so busy we might not have got a chance to meet everyone in person. Thanks to everyone who was involved.

"What a Great Celebration!" Terry Price (Cerritos College)

Here's a letter we received from one of the vendors at the show. Look for more pics, videos, and a complete run down of day coming soon.

"Congratulations to you and your team for a very successful 15th anniversary celebration.

We were very pleased with your invitation to help you celebrate with your customers. Your program was one for the books, demo’s, entertainment, food and all the vendors who support your efforts. Wow, what a great forum for everyone getting answers to any kind of question possible.

We had so many individuals come by our display and thanked us for being there to help them understand that if 13-year-old middle school girls (Surfer Diva’s) could make a surfboard, that they certainly could take a stab at it. We were also happy to help provide guidance and understanding as well as support in taking the mystery out of surfboard making.

We had a huge success with our drawing for a “Free” class in Surfboard Construction in our upcoming Fall Semester; I think it will catch on.

We hope our relationship will continue to grow and prosper for many years to come.

Again, thanks to you and your team for a great day. You promised what you delivered, good networking."

Terry L. Price
Composites Training Center (CTC)
Cerritos College
11110 Alondra Blvd.
Norwalk, CA 90650
(562) 860-2451 ext. 2927

Friday, May 30, 2008

It's Party Time!!!

Just a reminder that our Party/Event is tomorrow Saturday May 31st. It's gonna be a doozy! So many giveaways it's hard to mention them all. Let's just say there will be at least five (5) complete board kits that include PU foam (US Blanks) with UV Resin and Hexel cloth (Composite Resources), EPS Parabolics (US Blanks and Marko) with Resin Research Epoxy and BGF Cloth (Graphite Master/Greg Loehr) and more. Of course there will be plenty of free food and refreshments. Make the drive it will be worth your while.

For all the info about the event check out previous blogs below.

Look forward to seeing you all there.


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

All Graphics Supplies 15% off!!!

surfboard pens poscas
This week, from Sunday May 26th thru Saturday May 31st, the sale category is GRAPHIC SUPPLIES. Customers save 15% and can either come into the shop to make the purchase or can purchase online with the redemption code 15YRGRAPH4. Stay tuned, it's gonna be a great month!

Don't forget our 15 Year Anniversary Party Event THIS SATURDAY (May 31st) from 11-3pm. It will take place behind our shop and will include: Giveaways, Raffles, Food/Drinks, Board Building Demos, Live Music, and a Storewide 15% off Sale.

The Guys at

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Glassing Supplies 15% Off Sale at Foam E-Z!!!

In celebration of our 15 years in business we are having a month long sale! Each week a different product category will be highlighted and all customers will be able to save fifteen percent (15%) on that category. This week, from Sunday May 18th thru Saturday May 24th, the sale category is GLASSING SUPPLIES. Customers can either come into the shop to make the purchase or you can purchase online with the redemption code 15YRGLASS3. Look for a new category and redemption code next Sunday May 18th. Stay tuned, it’s gonna be a great month!

Don't forget our 15 Year Anniversary Party Event from 11-3pm on Saturday May 31st. It will take place behind our shop and will include: Giveaways, Raffles, Food/Drinks, Board Building Demos, and a Storewide 15% off Sale.

The Guys at
Foam E-Z, Inc.

Since 1993

Monday, May 12, 2008

Shaping Supplies 15% Off Sale

surfboard foam building supply shop
In celebration of our 15 years in business we are having a month long sale! Each week a different product category will be highlighted and all customers will be able to save fifteen percent (15%) on that category. This week, from Sunday May 11th thru Saturday May 17th, the sale category is SHAPING SUPPLIES. Customers can either come into the shop to make the purchase or you can purchase online with the redemption code 15YRSHAPE2. Look for a new category and redemption code next Sunday May 18th. Stay tuned, it’s gonna be a great month!

The Guys at

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Foam E-Z's Q&A with Surfer Mag's Scott Bass

Posted on May 7, 2008

The good folks at FOAM E-Z have been servicing the Southern California marketplace with board building equipment for 15 years. Brad Nadell is the man behind the machine that is FOAM E-Z and what better time to catch up with the hard-goods retailer than during his month long 15-year Anniversary celebration.

Q: So, 15 years in the surfboard products biz; how did you get started?

Brad Nadell: I started working at Harbour Surfboards doing everything, and eventually ended up spraying boards mostly. Then a friend came to me, he had owned the big glass shop in Westminster; he came to me with the idea of providing professional shapers with foam blanks. In '93 there was a large amount of shapers in the region and we figured instead of driving to San Clemente for blanks we could provide the HB area with product.

Q: And the store evolved from there.

Brad Nadell: Yeah, I bought out my friend and ran with it from there. I slowly added more and more tools and resources for shapers. As time went on I realized there was a market for the home hobbyist builder, and that led me to bring in more stuff like fin systems, books, and resin and all the necessary requirements for the home builder.

Q: How many blanks have you pushed out the door in the last 15 years?

Brad Nadell: Gosh, I don't know upwards of over 100K blanks. It fluctuates each year or cycle.
Q: What other stuff is available at FOAM E-Z?
Brad Nadell: Logo paper; safety equipment, respiratory systems, how-to videos. If you want to build a board we have it all, and we'll help you understand the process. It's all pretty simple but it can also be intimidating. It doesn't need to be. We try to put the fun into the equation.

Q: Do you get a newbie customers?

Brad Nadell: We get hobbyists all the time. I try to pound into our sales staff all the time that it's crucial to welcome the new hobbyist. It can intimidating to walk in and be new to the concepts of board building. Some times our industry doesn't understand customer service. I make sure our people are helpful and service oriented. It sounds simple but customer service is what makes or breaks businesses.

Q: What types of customers do you get?

Brad Nadell: We get all different levels from your professional shapers to your garage builders, to the hobbyist guy who just loves to build stuff. You know, the father and son types stop by or guys doing senior projects for school. It's really sort of cool. Everyone loves the idea of surfboards and building your own magic board. The neat thing is, it is totally do-able.

Q: You've got a big celebration all month long?

Brad Nadell: We are having a month long sale through the end of May, each week we are spotlighting a different section of the store. On May 31st we're having a big party and event at the store with tents and product and demos. So everyone should come by.

For more info on FOAM E-Z check out their website -