Monday, May 08, 2017

Foam E-Z at Boardroom 2017


          Sure, it would be easy to give you a typical rundown of what went down this past weekend at the 2017 Boardroom Show in Del Mar. 

Al Merrick and Icons Of Foam shape-off winner Rex Marechal
(Picture courtesy US Blanks)
           It would be easy to mention that for the tenth year in a row the event was a rare and wonderful opportunity to rub shoulders with the past, present, and future mavericks of the board-building industry. That stoke was passed around like it was free (it is), and that creative innovation was the champion of day. 
           Of course if we were to do that, we would have to mention that the actual champion of the show’s Icons Of Foam shape-off was San Diego County’s very own Rex Marechal in a dogged showdown to replicate one of Kelly Slater’s most iconic Al Merrick surfboards. We would be sure to clarify that this was no simple task, going up against the likes of names like Christenson, Kinoshita, Sakal, and Hinds (just to name a few!). It would likely go without saying that the whole reason for all of it was to rightfully honor Merrick, a man who has been inarguably at the forefront of surfboard progression for near fifty years (but we would probably say it anyways).
            Lastly, we would more than likely make a small jab or two at you if you missed the event, just in jest. We would say if you could have been there, then you definitely should have been there. We would say it was nothing short of an amazing weekend spent with some amazing craftsmen and women.
            That’s what we would say if we were to give you some sort of recap of the events that transpired this past weekend, which it seems we now have.  

These groms won the ultimate prize pack of the day, featuring an Arctic Blank,  Douglas Surf  cloth/resin/ catalyst, and a set of Futures Fins fin boxes and Alpha fins. Now they get to fight over who gets what. 

Giveaway winners
Douglas Surf Glassing Demo Station next to Foam E-Z's Booth
Graham Day of Driftwood Caravan Surfboards stoking on his new  E-Z Square and E-Z Shape Pad
Al and Britt Merrick Judging the shapes with their E-Z Square Pro

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth and congrats to those who won our giveaways! See you all down there next year!