Tuesday, February 22, 2011

John Peck - The Penetrator Breaking On Through To The Other Side!

Thanks to the guys at Korduroy.TV for putting together this awesome video of John Peck. It is a great representation of John, a man who has always lived on his own terms. We first met John Peck back around 1994 when he came into Foam E-Z to buy a blank for the Penetrator he wanted to make at the time. He since visits the shop from time to time get a blank or a tool. Each time he shows up he exudes an incredible sense of peace about himself. Anyone who has met him will know what I am talking about.

From being credited as the first to surf real Pipeline in 1963, to one of the most extreme proponents of mind-altering substances in the psychedelic seventies, John Peck has always been exploring the boundaries of his existence. He has been exploring ways to optimally ride waves for over 5 decades and it's this research that has lead him to refine his Penetrator longboard design. In this episode of Korduroy's All Yew series, we learn about the evolution of the Penetrator and how John approaches the board creation process.

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