Thursday, February 02, 2006

Resin Research and EPS

We are now carrying Resin Research Epoxy resin and American blanks (formerly Segway Composites). We are very excited about working with the guys from Graphite Master (R.R.) due to their great service and high quality products. We have EPS blanks that have PVC stringers and some that have wood. The blanks have similar rockers as Clark foam blanks and we have them from 6 foot up to 9'4". All of the blanks are small beaded 2 & 3 lb. foam and are very easy to work with. Just like the EPS foam, the resin is very easy to work with and is more environmentally friendly. This resin is great because it gives you unlimited glassing options. The resin cures stronger, is lighter, odorless, and can even be used on polyurethane blanks. We have all of the products you need in order to build an epoxy board from start to finish.

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