Thursday, February 02, 2006

Update and Thank You!!!

Hello all,
First of all thank you for being patient and understanding during these unsure times. This has been a most challenging time for everyone involved in the industry. Every hour of everyday seems to have new developments in foam options. We have had meetings around the clock since Monday December 5th. Although it seems that the industry has slowed down, we have not. It is true what is being said, there will be foam. We've seen many different options. Unfortunately a vast majority of the foam is unusable due to very poor quality. That is why we continue to invest our time and money in finding the best foam, and selection, that we can offer. As of now we are able to provide a very nice selection of EPS foam, epoxy resins and the knowledge to guide you through this new process. Feel free to come by or call us with any questions you have. We are very excited to back these products that are able to meet our level of quality at Foam E-Z. Thanks again for your continuing support.

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