Friday, February 03, 2006

WALKER FOAM - Availability and Pricing

We have been receiving an average of fifty Walker Foam blanks every week and a half since December 23rd. The blanks have been well received and appear to be the only polyurethane longboard blanks currently available in the US. As you can imagine since we have been getting such small quantities and shipments, it is hard for us to service all the shapers in the Southern California region. It appears we should start getting regular weekly shipments of a hundred plus in the very near future. Hopefully, in a couple of weeks things should start to get more regular and we will be releasing the Walker Foam to the public . The Walker blank prices look like they'll be somewhere in the neighborhood of ten to twenty percent more than the Clark Foam blanks (short boards ~ $65; longboards ~ $115). Here is the link to the Walker Blank catalog the, hopefully it will get better as will our stock. Our shipping rates are still the same which makes for some pretty affordable polyurethane blanks to the end user. By March we should have a wide range of quality polyurethane as well as EPS foam to choose from.

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