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Bunger Surfboards - Since 1962!!!

We found this great article about Tom Bunger of Bunger Surf on Long Island NY. Tom has been a great customer of ours since 1998. Check it out:

"IN THE SHACK" with Tom Bunger By: Paul Di Marco
When I hear the word September, I think about Hurricanes, hollow barrels, warm water, and New York. Yep New York! I have so many great memories of epic surf on Long Island, New York that I’m not sure if anything could ever replace them. This September is the first ever ASP World Championship to be held on the East Coast of the U.S., The Quiksilver Pro New York. The contest will be kicking off in Long Beach and pros from around the world will be competing for the biggest prize purse in surfing history- $1 million dollars!

With all the East Coast hype, I felt like the next “In The Shack” should focus on New York Board Shaper, Tom Bunger. Tommy is a busy guy between raising his kids and running the Bunger Surf Board Factory. His family owns one of the oldest surf shops in the North East, Bunger Surf Shop. They have been shaping boards for 50 years, delivering style and culture to Long Island’s surf community. Charlie Bunger, Tom’s dad has been shaping surfboards since 1962 and during the 1990’s, Tom Bunger finally picked up the Skill Planer and started shaping under the Bunger Brand.

This “In the Shack” interview was not easy. Tom is a busy bee shaping boards and working hard…..special thanks to Tom’s awesome wife, Agn├Ęs for all her help with this interview. It just shows behind every great man stands a great woman!

NickName: Tommy

Home Town and Break: Gilgo Beach, Long Island, New York

Where did you grow up? West Gilgo Beach, Babylon, New York

How old were you when you started surfing? I was nine when I got my first board, but I was always using long boards lying around at the beach.
Who or what inspired you to start shaping surfboards And when? My Father inspired me to start shaping. He gave me a Skill Planer and a blank. He showed me how to template it and cut it out, then said "shape it".

Go back to the first board you shaped and tell us about it- size, shape and any issues you had with it. A 6’8” Short Board. It worked well. The rails were a little too down which made it fast, but trailed a little bit.

What makes your short boards different? Also explain the mechanics of shaping a board for getting airs? Bunger Boards are hand shaped, glassed and finished with my hands only. Most of my short boards are designed for getting maximum speed and airs.

Tell us about this new era of short boards and what’s to come from Bunger? Everything is getting shorter and wider; the West Coast finally figured it out. We’ve been shaping boards like this for a while now.

What type of materials do you use, glass, fins, form? All the best resins and cloth made in the USA.

Who does your art? I do most of the art on the boards I shape. For the crazy stuff I bring in Tim Van Wyne. His work is amazing!
Who also shapes under the Bunger name? We have a few guys shaping for us, Squeak from Phoenix Surfboards, Bo Hawkins from Hawk Surfboards and team Phil.

How do you feel about computers designing boards versus handmade boards? If you want the same board as everyone else, then I guess it’s okay,but every surfer is different and needs something different.

What advice would you give people looking for the right surfboard? Be honest with your ability; look for something with the right balance for all the conditions.
What was your First Board? My first surfboard was a 6’8” BUNGER

Goofy or Reg? Reg.
What’s your favorite type of board to shape? I like making all types of boards, but my favorites are the boards I make for the team riders and my friends.

Does any other family members shape besides you and your Dad? Nope they help run the shop.

How can I order a custom board? It’s simple, call the shop or blast me an email to discuss what type of surfer you are and what type of board you need. 631-321-7753
Do you ship a lot of boards out of state? Nope we don’t ship too many boards out of state, but we will and have before.

Bring us back to your childhood. What do you remember about your dad shaping and surfing as a kid? I remember seeing my Dad covered in foam dust and I was like “ I wanna do that when I get older".

Who rides for Team Bunger? Corey Stanton, Chris Tomlin, Alex Fawess, Graham Eickelberg and Matt Wunderlich

How do you feel about the ASP Tour coming to NY? It’s about time they recognized us!

Do you have any advice for Groms? Respect your Elders

Beer, Booze or wine? Beer and wine

Haters should? Hate themselves

Where can Atlantic Surf Life find Tommy Bunger during the winter? Rincon, PR or France

Do you still surf the coldest days? Yes only when it’s pumping and sunny.
What’s the biggest wave you've ever ridden? Where? Mexico, Solid 10 foot at the Mex Pipe.

Best surf trip ever? Hawaii

Go-to board when it's double over head and pumping? 6’10” Pin Tail

What’s your Magic Board in small surf? I ride an old classic Bunger 360, but I mostly work when it’s small.

When your not surfing or shaping? Hanging with Family.

What inspires you when you shape? Knowing that a customer is going to get full enjoyment out of my boards.

Favorite Food? Tartiflette (French Food)

What’s playing in the factory? We play it all and we play it loud!

Website?,, www.

Facebook? Bunger surf boards (Since 1962 Tom Bunger)


Closing statement? Support your local shaper and buy American made products.

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