Wednesday, April 05, 2006


We are now carrying JUST FOAM polyurethane blanks and have plenty available for everyone. The blanks can be purchased online or feel free to stop in the shop. Currently Just Foam has short boards available in 6'5" and 6'9" lengths and should be adding new sizes within the month. The blanks come with 2.7mm unidirectional Balsa veneer stringers , that are very strong and light.

DPS Foam is delivering their first load of EPS to us at end of this week to add to our inventory and choices in blanks. These EPS blanks are true 2 lb foam, have basswood stringers, precut outlines, and are blown with 100% virgin foam (no recycled material). These blanks look a lot like Clark Foam except they are EPS instead of polyurethane.

We continue to receive Walker Foam shortboard and longboard blanks on a weekly basis as well as keeping a large stock on hand of American/Segway (EPS) blanks.

Give us a ring with any questions about availability or pricing.

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