Friday, August 11, 2006


In the last week or two we have received sample blanks from the three biggest "new" players in the polyurethane blank world: US Blanks, Bennett USA, and King Mac. These companies jumped on the void as soon as Clark Foam closed their doors and having been working diligently since. The sample blanks look real cool. US Blanks looks almost exactly like their predecessors (Clark Foam) and have received incredible feedback from the shapers we have talked to. Their catalog has all the flavors and sizes made by experienced shapers/plug builders like Timmy Patterson, Pat Rawson, Bruce Jones, and Yater. Bennett USA's blanks have also had great feedback with most shapers saying the foam feels something like a blend between Clark and Walker. They got all Rusty's old plugs so their catalog looks complete with the majority of the "R" blanks included. We hope to have a full stock within the next few weeks.

For you tool junkies we received the Spiral Shapers Barrel last week and are getting great reviews from the shapers who have tested it. This thing is ideal for shaping EPS and works great with polyurethane too. Check it out !

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