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WIDOW MAKER, Cool Article!

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We were forwarded this cool article and thought it is right up our customers alley! It was written by a surfer in England for the UK Times.
Here are some exerpts from the article:

Creating a custom surfboard is a specialised and personal practice. The board, from inception to completion, is also an individual. It reflects the methods adopted by the shaper, and the intricacies of his craft. This story charts the construction of a WidowMaker from blank to glassed and ridden article, but first, a bit of history. Dave Parmenter developed the WidowMaker from the Terry Fitzgerald "Drifta" shapes of the late 1970s and early 80s. Fitz was taking his cue from Mark Richards' twin-fin supremacy and the recently devised Simon Anderson three-fin. The boards were characterised by a larger back fin and two smaller side fins. Utilising the benefits of the thruster - which made for critical manoeuvres and ease of turn - and the single fin, with its irresistible invitation to draw open lines and trim with momentum - the WidowMaker seemed to combine the best of both worlds.

Arriving to an untouched blank (Clark foam 7’11’R) is a blessing. Watching board and craftsman from the earliest possible stages is a rite that no surfer should miss. The shaping bay is an alien environment when it is not your livelihood. Here are the smells, the sounds, the pulsing (and toxic) heart of surfing creation

Every shaper approaches the blank in a distinct way, and this is where the most fascinating stage begins. By watching master craftsmen (and women) at work in their environments an appreciation of the individual is conveyed.

Having a shaper bear you in mind throughout the creation of a board surely has a bearing on how the board arrives, and therefore how the board rides. The custom surfboard is one of the most wonderful things a surfer can enjoy. As an art form, it is uniquely precious.

The "Widow Maker", might be a fun one to try to make someday?!

To check the complete article click on this link .

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  1. Like the site. I have added a link on my own blog ( where I also write about surfing. If you want to swap links, it would be much appreciated. No worries either way. All very best, Tim Kevan

  2. Great blog, really enjoyed it. I've added it to the blog directory at Drift Magazine. Check it out here
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