Thursday, October 04, 2007

What the Blank??? 12'2"-B 10'9"-B

While traveling through ASR on Friday September 7th NeoN and I ran into a old time Foam E-Z customer. We found him working in the Dick Brewer Surfboards booth, if you look close you can see Dick in the background. This guy has been building Guns since the first day he came in our shop way back in 1996! He's been surfing big waves since he was kid in Huntington Beach but now resides in San Francisco and become a regular at Mavericks. He has spent extended periods on the North Shore of Hawaii and has done Tow-Ins at Jaws on Maui.

In his rant he is bascially talking about the old Clark Foam Blanks that don't exist anymore, the 10-9B and 12-2B. These were old Brewer plugs that he made for Grubby

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