Thursday, April 23, 2009

Resin Research CE Surfboard Epoxy now in stock at Foam E-Z!

We have just added the Resin Research CE Surfboard Epoxy to our line. If you haven't heard of the CE Epoxy it is a new alternative to the RR 2000! The CE has a noticeable optical brightner (blueish color) similar to polyester resin and also has a UV inhibitor to help keep boards from yellowing. This Epoxy system was developed by Greg Loehr and has many benefits; is extremely easy to use, it dries harder than Polyester, it can be used on Polyurethane blanks, and is odorless.

Just like the RR 2000 you must mix at a 2 to 1 (epoxy to hardener) ratio, and mix thoroughly. The Resin Research 2100 Hardener is also used with the RR CE. The CE Epoxy comes in two sizes: quarts, gallons. Save money by buying Single Board Kits and Three Gallon Kits both come with enough Additive F.

Check it out. Let us know if you have any questions or feedback.


The Guys at Foam E-Z

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