Friday, July 24, 2009

Foam E-Z hits the Surfline US Open Party.

Wow!! You got to love summer in Huntington Beach, especially when the U.S. Open is in full swing. On Thursday July 23rd Surfline hosted their VIP party at their Huntington Beach offices overlooking the sprawling contest spread on the south side. Monster Energy drink and Corona were also their providing the beverages and the Monster Girls provided the hospitality and added to the scenery. The night started off with a good mellow vibe and escalated to a full on dance party courtesy of some rowdy pros in town and some awesome R&B from the early 90’s. Everyone had a great time mingling, checking out the luxurious Surfline office, and drinking…..a lot. All and all it was a great night out and a super fun crowd of surfers and surf fans from all over the world just letting loose.

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