Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Art, destruction, or board building??????

Well our customer, Chris James, took a pretty clean Channel Islands 70's Single Fin and ripped the glass off and reshaped and glassed it. He is an artist and did it for an art project for his art school. That original board was worth some pretty good dough to the right guy.

Here's some words from the artist about the art piece:

"Ordinarily in sculpture you would make something out of some other material: a head in bronze, or a bull out of a bicycle seat and handlebars(picasso). In this case I want to see if you can make a sculpture out of the materials of the subject itself: can you make a sculpture of a tree out of a tree? Or in this case a surfboard. I don’t think I got an answer since what I made out of a 1979 al merrick tri plane hull is still ride-able, but I have shown it in a couple galleries as well. But that is what was the impetus for the work."

Check out Chris' video; is it the death and destruction of a classic 70's Channel Islands Board or art?

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  1. Anonymous10:41 AM

    check out Casimier Surfboards on facebook
    he calls it RESSURRECTION not recycling


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