Monday, March 19, 2012

Is It A Mustache Or A Spokeshave?

Enjoy this video from our series, Informative Foam E-Z Product Tutorials. These videos are not only informative but they are meant to be fun too. I always thought the Mini Spokeshave looked like a mustache so this was a perfect opportunity to give it a spin!

The Mini Spokeshave was one of the original tools we carried dating way back to 1995. Back then, this tool was made by the famous X-Acto brand. That's right the same company that make the X-Acto Knives we've been using for art projects since we were kids. The Mini Spokeshave has been one of our most consistent sellers over the years, since most shapers can't live without one! Matter a fact, most professional shapers own two or three of the little buggers. They have a tendency to get lost then reappear when sweeping up the room. There really is no other tool that you get such bang for the buck. This little tool does a very big job in the surfboard shaping process.

We hope you enjoy the video. Stay tuned for more Informative Foam E-Z Product Tutorials in the weeks to come.

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