Monday, April 16, 2012

Laylan From The OC Register Came By To Learn To Shape A Board!!!

A few weeks back Laylan Connelly, OC Register Writer, stopped by the shop to learn to shape her own board. She came in with no knowledge of the shaping process and very little experience working with her hands. Approximately four hours later, Laylan along with instruction from Chris Carrozza (Shaping Instructor at Foam E-Z) crafted a nice looking Fish board. After designing her own custom logo she brought the shaped blank to Tim Stamps to get the board glassed. When the board was done Laylan's next step was to take her creation out in the water. According to Laylan the board feels great she just needs some time getting used to riding a short board.

Videographer, KJ, came along to shoot Laylan's experience at the shop and the below video is the result. Thanks to everyone for all their help and thanks to girls for putting up with us during the process!

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  1. Anonymous1:58 PM

    you guys are awsome, its cool that after someone shapes thier own board they either shaoe thier own afterward, or figure how much work is involved and contact a local shaper


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