Tuesday, May 01, 2012

WE HAVE A WINNER FOR APRIL!!! Sean Carter Is The Lucky Customer!

Thanks to our wonderful Foam E-Z Employees Johnny “Utah” Kahanu and Tiernan “Crazy Face” Backer for making this pic possible. We love having fun and reading through all of your comments. This month’s winner is Sean Carter with, I'd call that a 3rd Quality Blank. How Much?Sean wins his choice of 4 hours of shaping lessons or a $100 Gift Certificate.

Next month if we can get over 100 comments and break 1000 page likes then we’ll be throwing in some additional awesomeness for you guys…which translates into more Winners…which means you’ll have a better chance of winning…which means you’ll be happier…which means people might actually like being around you!

Thanks for playing, and remember to check back throughout the month for shop, product, and video updates.

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