Friday, June 22, 2012

New ThermoTech Fin Material From Futures Fins!

Futures Fins are excited to introduce the new F series of ThermoTech fins. The series contains F2, F4, F6, and F8, which cover pretty much any weight from very small to large. The F series are balanced templates that are designed to work for all surfers in a variety of conditions. Each fin’s flex and resiliency has been precisely controlled by quantifying their flex on our fixture, and matching the resin composite, glass fiber content, and the geometry of the fin to each other. We are stoked with the results. The fin’s solid base directly transfers power, while the tip is still flexible and resilient allowing it to bend and load up. The ThermoTech fins come with the Futures Truss Base which makes them lighter, and they are designed to break under impact reducing the risk of injury.

Not only do these fins look great, in fact, in a board they look like a glass on. Most importantly, they feel unbelievably smooth and the performance is incredible. These fins do not have the traditional plastic feel of a composite fin. Instead, they have a very consistent flex that holds well off the bottom then loads up and releases through turns.

The new F2, F4, F6, and F8 templates are all derivatives of the F4 template which has a full base and tip.  The F2 is the grom template; the F4 is the existing template in the small category.  The F6 is a medium size template that can be used in place of the JC1 or the EA.  The F8 is a large template that would be similar, with the exception of the trailing fin, to the AM2.  These fins are 100% made in the USA under a completely controlled environment with the highest attention to detail.    

In addition to the new ThermoTech fins we have this little video with Grant (from our shop) "The Fin Connoisseur" for you to enjoy.

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