Friday, December 07, 2012

A Shop Tour!

This interview was done by Beach Rays.  Check it out I think they did a great job.  I especially like the pictures they used as they do a fabulous job of capturing a day in the life at Foam E-Z.

Interview: Brad Nadell of Foam E-Z

We stopped by Foam E-Z recently to catch up with owner Brad Nadell. While Brad gave us the tour, we were able to ask him a few questions…
Where did your love for surf come from?  
I started surfing in 1978 when I visited my Dad who lived in Seal Beach.  It just looked so cool and I always had loved the ocean.  Once I tried it I was hooked!
What is your earliest surf memory?  
I remember very clearly the view from looking over the edge of a wave.  I would paddle in and look over that edge until I finally got up the gumption to push myself over and drop in!

Please explain the inception of Foam E-Z and how you first got involved in the industry?  
I first got involved in the surf industry by hanging out at Harbour Surfboards (Seal Beach).  Eventually I started learning the trade and Rich (Harbour) taught me a few things.  Foam E-Z’s inception actually came from Steve Adler, my original business partner who after 6 months I bought out.
What are some of your favorite moments in your career?  
First was actually going down and getting my DBA at the County court in 1993.  It sounds weird but when Clark Foam closed in Dec 1995, it just changed everything and really tested my creative juices.  Of course all the moments I get to have with our incredible customers from the professional shapers to the first timers.

What do you think is the future of your industry?
Well that’s a tough question…  my actual industry of selling board building supplies is getting more and more competitive with the web becoming bigger and bigger.  It makes me nervous with these bigger businesses that are distributors jumping into the game and trying to drive prices down.  We just keep doing what we do best and that is to have the best products at the best prices and most importantly the best customer service available!!!
Any exciting projects coming up?
We are working on quite a few projects at this time but I’d like to keep them under the radar!  I can tell you that we are planning quite a few things for our upcoming TWENTIETH YEAR Anniversary.
What are your 5 surf essentials?
Board, wetsuit or trunks, nice conditions, clean water, and low crowds
Do you have any heroes and/or mentors?
Yeah for sure… Rich Harbour has taught me the most about board building, Robert Howson (Retail owner at Harbour surfboards) for his retail business advice, my Dad for steering me in the right direction as much as I tried to stray, and for sure my wife Becky for supporting me and always being there for me to bounce stuff off of.
After receiving the lay of the land, we stepped outside to check out their awesome shaping box. Shaping lessons are conducted at Foam E-Z and the use of the shaping box is also available for rent. So cool!!!
Brad then helped us pick out the perfect blank and all our shaping tools and materials, for our next project – Shaping our own board…. Stay tuned for results.

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