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Foam E-Z Holiday Guide

Foam E-Z Holiday Buyers Upgrade Guide!

         Oh the holidays. What an interesting time of year. If you work in retail, you probably hate it. If you are tenacious enough to brave the malls and stores, you probably hate it. And in that regard, if you are a procrastinator, you definitely hate it. But fret not, for the holiday season is not all bad! No, there is absolutely no shame in admitting that the holiday season is also the season for upgrades baby!

            Allow me to get a little Don Draper on you here for a second (I promise it’s for your own benefit, not mine!). Every single shaping and glassing set-up could use a few upgrades. That’s a fact. As with everything in life, technology and machines grow outdated. Even the finest tools occasionally become dull and worn beyond over restoration time. The problem of course is that surfboard building isn’t exactly the most profitable pursuit out there, and new tools ain’t cheap. But therein lies the opportunity this holiday season!                 

            Provided you’ve kept yourself off of a certain naughty list this year, this is the opportunity to let your loved ones foot the bill on some of the those tools that you were too cheap or too broke to buy for yourself previously. Seriously, don’t be afraid to throw together a wish-list of your dream set-up and send it out to every single one of your family members, friends, or any other potential “loved-ones” you can think of. Just don’t forget to remind them that ultimately, better tools for you mean better boards for them!  

           We’ve thrown together a list of some potential upgrades for you here, but don’t forget to visit us in-store or online to throw together your own list. Happy hunting. 

Using this? Spoke Shave

                        The spoke shave is a solid and affordable entry-level tool for shaping, but sometimes entry level just doesn’t cut it. Anyone who’s ever rolled one of those things mid-cut in the flats of the stringer, for instance, knows this. There’s no need however to break the bank just yet going for the most expensive alternative. The block plane is about as reliable and enduring as they come when it comes to a shaping tool. Its heavy-duty construction and sharpenable/adjustable blade mean this thing will be in your tool kit for a long time. Perhaps the highlight feature of this planer though is its in-hand weight, which helps keep your stringer cuts steady and uninterrupted.

Using this? E-Z C-Calipers

                        Quite literally an ‘upgrade’ tool, the E-Z Scissor Calipers differ from the E-Z C-Calipers in that they are… easier. With a bamboo plywood build and a guaranteed accurate measuring guide built onto the handle, all you have to do is place it onto whatever part of the board you aim to measure and then read the number. Simple and accurate. All it takes is one hand and (hopefully) two eyes to operate. Ditch the tape measure save yourself the time and potential for error with this tool.

Using this? Carbon Tape

            When it comes to explaining carbon fiber materials, things can get a little technical. Such that there is not really a spot for said technicalities in a simple holiday guide, so we’re just going to give you the quick gist of it here. The main difference between this uni-directional carbon tape and regular carbon tape is the amount of actual carbon fiber in the roll. This stuff has more of it (a.k.a. more strength), and is woven in such a way so that it doesn’t interfere with the natural flex of the board, yet improves the spring back performance of the board. Wild right? We know. Plus, when it’s wet out during glassing, it finishes pure black. What’s more badass than that? Nothing.  

Using this? The Internet

         We’ve got nothing against using the Internet as a resource for board building knowledge. No really, in fact check out our blog on that very topic here. But why spend hours scouring for knowledge every time you want to try something new, or get refresher on your skills? This DVD three pack includes Shaping 101, Glassing 101, and Airbrushing 101, and each one gives an accessible and in-depth coverage of, well, exactly what their titles say they do. Legendary shaper John Carper of JC Surfboards opens up his shape room and glassing factory to you to show you how to get through this whole board building process. You could of course buy the DVD’s individually… but why not save twenty bucks and just get all three!

Using this? Homemade Single-fin Jig

         We know what you’re thinking, but don’t be misled. It may be called the Futures Strongbox Jig, and of course it works perfectly for that particular application, HOWEVER it is not limited solely to the Futures style long box. This jig can be adjusted to fit just about any plunge router base, and can accommodate most longboard style single-fin boxes. It comes already set to fit a Makita router, and adjusts with ease at the a few simple turns of some wing nuts. With its non-slip rubber bottom, this jig is simple and easy to use. Sure you could spend some time trying to build one yourself, or even (gulp) try to eyeball it. But as they say, ‘time is money,’ so you might as well just spend that money on this instead.

Using this? Hand drawn logos/stickers
            If you don’t have your own logo yet, are you really even a shaper? Well, if you shape boards then probably yes… But that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s scientifically proven to be *47% more satisfying to ride a board that has your own logo glassed into it!
            No matter what you’re looking to have printed, we can help you get it done. These professionally printed laminates are guaranteed to show up bold and vibrant when glassed into your boards. Doesn’t get more professional looking than that. Email you Jpeg or PDF file of your artwork to, along with the sizes you want them to be printed, and we will cram as many onto the roll as we can for you!

                        *Not technically scientifically proven... (technically nonsense)

Using this? Solar Cure Ding Repair Goo

            Solar cure (i.e. Suncure Fiberfill) are great short-term solutions for dings. Perfect for those moments that require a quick fix to get you through the rest of your session or surf trip. The drawback to these fillers however is that they aren’t intended as permanent solutions, as they grow brittle and begin crack out over time. For a more lasting and watertight repair, these kits include everything you need to get the job done like resin, cloth, mixing cups/sticks, sandpaper, and instructions. Though it can seem a bit daunting if you’ve never done your own ding repair before, most repairs are actually quite straightforward and doable, even for a beginner. Besides, if you need some more insight to your specific repair, you could always give us a call, or check out our comprehensive ding-repair book here. (Some sizes available in epoxy!)

Using this? Plywood Surfboard Racks

            There is a lot to be said for a person who is a through and through D.I.Y. board-builder, from their shapes, to their, tools to their racks. It is no secret in fact that we thoroughly admire such spirit; it is lifeline of what Foam E-Z is and represents. However… there is equally as much to be said for certain tools that benefit from a certain level of construction and precision.
            Coming in at easily the most expensive item on this list, these shape racks are an investment that any regular shaper will do well to make at some point. Their durable, heavy-duty construction ensures that you will never again have to worry about wobbly or uneven racks affecting your finished board. The heavy base and adjustable height/width of these racks ensures that they can be setup to any preference, anywhere and with ease. That’s a convenience you can’t afford to miss out on. (Racks and base available individually).

Using this? FCS II Fin Boxes

         Don’t make us work to hard to sell these to you. Please. Clean black and white is good from time to time, but color and variety are the essence of life! For the first time ever FCS has made their wonderful FCS II box system available in these colors, and they are shockingly awesome. Shockingly. That’s a joke, see, because they’re electric neon colored… right. Available in zero, three, five, and nine degree sets!

Using this? SUP Handle

         If you’re going to build an SUP you’re going to need a handle. So why not do it in style? These handles easily pop in and out of the board once installed so they sit flush with the deck when you don’t need them, and have an easy to carry padded grip when you do. Bonus feature? They’re a great place to run cable lock through while transporting the board. Hate to use such a horrible and cheesy phrase like “the Cadillac of SUP handles,” but this is basically that. (Available in black and white)

Using this? Epoxy Resin

         Look, nobody hates talking politics more than we do, but it seems our incoming president can’t quite make up his mind on where he stands regarding the world’s environmental issues. Obviously to us water-dwelling folk, this is an issue that hits very close to home and is monumentally important. Now before any gets all up in arms here about their views here, we would like to offer an alternative solution. We can all do our part, as board-builders, to reduce our environmental footprint by being more conscious of the materials we’re using and the waste we create.
            Entropy Bio-Resins, for instance, have spent years developing this SuperSap epoxy system that has a significantly higher bio content than most other readily available epoxy resins. If that load off of your conscience alone isn’t enough to sell you, this epoxy also has an advanced optical brightener added to it. Simply put, it has greater UV stability intended to keep your board pearly white, even after prolonged sun exposure. (Available in 3 quart and 1.5 gallon kits).

Using this? Dusty/Crusty old shaping and glassing clothes

         Okay so lets face it, this one isn’t technically an essential. In fact, the truth is that the amount of time we have to spend weekly dusting this particular product’s in-shop display is equal to the percentage of unlikelihood that you’ll actually stop in and buy one. HOWEVER, this is indeed a wonderful item to have available in your workspace. Imagine a world where you weren’t constantly transferring that lingering foam dust on you to every from your car seats to your bed. A world where you didn’t constantly have to throw out your resin caked clothing. Well this cleaner and easier life can be your reality, all for a mere couple of bucks. Can you stocking stuffer?

-Joey Estrada, 2016

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