Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Happy New Year, and a short recap of 2007!

2007 was an interesting and exciting year in the surfboard building business world as it was the second year without Clark Foam. This past year was very different from 2006 in that instead of there being a foam shortage there was a glut of foam.

A lot of foam startups came and went in the two years since the Clark empire shut down. Here is a list of some of the larger manufacturers that served the USA in 2007. US Blanks, Walker Foam, and Just Foam are the only the Polyurethane TDI foam companies manufactured in the US (California). King Mac, Bennett Foam USA, and Surfblanks America are produced in Baja Mexico. As MDI Polyurethane goes, HomeBlown US has risen to the top with their cutting edge BioFoam product and Ice 9 is gaining steam as time goes on. It's hard to track all the EPS foam companies in 07 since you could find EPS just about anywhere. Marko was the dominant Molded EPS creating a great product for the hand shaper. The best billet EPS we've found is White Hot.

As the year 2007 came to an end we are sad to report that Walker Foam has closed their doors. It's hard to believe that they are gone after all these years. Harold and the Walker people were a huge part of our scene after Clark Foam shut down. Instead of us going overseas for blanks like most of our competitors, Walker Foam stepped up and serviced us to the best of their abilities. It was an extremely tough time for all and they made the best with what they had. We want to really thank Walker Foam for all that they did for us after Clark Foam closed. They are a great group of people.

This past year saw Foam E-Z adding new foam companies to our line of foam blanks. First, we picked up Marko to fill our "molded Eps" void. Then, we brought in BioFoam as our "green alternative" MDI PU foam. Both companies produce a great product and have helped us round out our blank selection.

That's the short scoop on 07. We're looking forward to servicing all your board building needs in 2008. Who knows what lies ahead but it should be fun.

Happy New Year from the Guys at Foam E-Z! :-)


  1. I got good boards out of Just Foam, US Blanks and King Mac in 2007. What was your best selling blank if you don't mind me asking?

  2. JP-
    Well, since we specialize in US Blanks they were obviously our best seller. But I will tell you that a lot of our customers also used Just Foam and King Mac with great success. Most people like the foam quality best with JF and KM but the molds and service US provides, no one can compete.


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