Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mark's Benefit Party was a success!!!

So the party went off without a hitch thanks to all the people involved. The raffle absolutely blew up with so much stuff being given away pretty much everyone left with something! Congratulations to the winners of the unbelievable surfboards that were given away. A special thanks goes out to Todd for manning the bbq under the stress of the many hungry guests. We raised over $2500 for Mark which will certainly help with his bills. If you didn't make it to the party and would still like to donate you can make checks payable to Mark Bouvier Irrevocable S.N.T. (special needs trust) and either drop them at the shop or mail to: 18685 Main St. Suite 101-465 Huntington Beach Ca 92648; If you'd like to donate online you can do it here

Here's what Mark sent to us after the event:

I am absolutely overwhelmed by all of the love and support I was shown by my friends in the surf community this Sunday at the fundraiser hosted by Foam E-Z, Aloha Glassing, and Shelter Surf. I can't even begin to express my appreciation of all of my friends who pulled together to raise money so that i could continue my recovery. It has proven much more expensive than even my insurance was willing to afford but thanks to the efforts of some really awesome people: Brad Nadell,and the crew of Foam E-Z, Steve Albin, (and Kim Albin for the awesome cupcakes and root-beer floats) and Matt Bettis and the crew of Aloha Glassing, Jack Sykes of Line Up Surfboards , Tim Stamps of Stamps Surfboards, Graham Day of Shelter Surfshop as well as some of the great vendors of surf supplies such as Futures Fins, US Blanks, Quiksilver and local shops like Harbour Surfboards. Thanks again to these great people and many more. We were able to raise enough money to keep me going on my way to a full recovery (HOPEFULLY I DIDN'T FORGET ANYBODY!), so hopefully someday I can get back to my life as I'd like it to be. A huuuge thank you to everyone who turned out to show me all of your love and support, there were so many familiar faces. Friends from the water, friends from the shop, and some new friends I hope to paddle out with someday in the not too distant future. So in conclusion, the fundraiser was a great success.
A million thank you's to everyone who made it possible and to everyone who came out to "give a bro some dough"

all of my aloha, mark bouvier(boonz) and hopefully I'll see you all in the water soon---

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