Monday, December 27, 2010

Tim Stamps Test Shapes an Orange Foam US Blank!

Hope everyone had a great X-mas holiday weekend and are now ready to get back down to some serious business of building boards.

About two weeks ago the brass over at US Blanks threw us (Foam E-Z) a sample Orange Foam surfboard blank to shape out. This NEW surfboard foam is 6% lighter or 1/2 pound compared to their Red Foam formula. We thought we would enlist pro shaper Tim Stamps as test pilot since he is a stickler when it comes to his foam. We knew we could get an unbiased, honest opinion from Stamps whether it was good or bad. We interviewed Tim at the end of this video for his take on this new foam. We were pleasantly surprised by US Blanks latest creation so look for the Orange Foam at Foam E-Z in 2011.

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