Thursday, March 07, 2013

Foam E-Z fuNKy FieldTrip To Stamps Surfboards

I recently took a little skateboard trip down the street to visit Tim Stamps of “Surfboards by Stamps” fame.  When I rolled into his shop, he was glued to his lap top computer getting ready to watch Brett Simpson surf his heat in 
Intently Watching
the Burton Toyota Pro at Newcastle Australia.  Knowing Tim needed some support,  I pulled up a seat next to him and watched as Brett unfortunately didn’t get the waves needed to move through his third round heat.  

That’s the life and relationship of a pro surfer and a shaper to top ASP surfers.   Tim has been making boards for Simpo for the past few years.  After the heat was over, and a quick “F” bomb, it was back to work in the shaping bay.  Stamps had some deadlines to fill before he left for the Gold Coast of Australia.  He headed down under to support his other big named ASP surfer Courtney Conlogue as she surfs in the Quiksilver Pro. 

Simpo Boards
As I entered Tim’s shape room we chatted about some of the tools and the nuances of the different abrasive grits he uses.   Tim has been integral in helping us develop our line of shaping tools.  He comes to us with ideas and I go to him for feedback and testing before we launch and tools.  This way we know that what we sell works and we can stand behind it.

Stamps’ boards are made completely in house from the shaping to the glassing.  He employs some of the best guys in the industry to do his glass jobs and uses only the best materials.  By having it all under one roof, this insures that Tim’s boards are exactly to spec before leaving his shop.  Quality control  at its best!  Tim is a true craftsman, having learned his trade from one of the best shapers around - Rich Harbour.  
Fine Tuning

If you haven’t had a chance to ride a Stamps board, go check one out, or just tune into any ASP contest to watch Simpo or Courtney tearing it up on one.

Thanks again for having us and we are rooting for Simpo and Courtney in the Quiky Pro!

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