Friday, May 24, 2013

Stamps Shaping His fX Model To Be Raffled Off At Our Party!!!

Tim Stamps will be shaping his new fX model in the Future Fins Fish Bowl Shaping Bay.  This will give party goers the opportunity to watch a “pro” shaper do his thing and one lucky customer will win the board!  That’s right if you are lucky enough to win this raffle you will win your own custom StampsfX 5 Fin Convertible Surfboard.  The board will be raffled off after Tim shapes it, around 1:30pm.  

Here are the details on the fX model according to Stamps:

fX Model
“The fX originates from my ever popular Quantum Fish design. This design has been blended with more ‘performance’ characteristics such as a more refined foil, enhanced bottom contours, and a slight rocker adjustments. A smaller wave board with limitless speed and unprecedented maneuverability. Ride approximately 4” – 6” shorter than your height.  The board is ideal for ankle to chest high surf.”

A little history on Tim Stamps:

Tim Stamps has been building surfboards since the age of 15, and is known for the progressive and innovative boards he creates for some of the most accomplished pro surfers out there, novices just figuring out what boards work best under their feet, and everyone in between.

In The Shaping Bay

It was his surroundings and upbringing that fostered his lifelong passion of surfboard building, and as a kid it didn’t take long to realize he had the shaping bug in his DNA. His desire to help, learn, create, build and dissect surfing into physics, geometrics, hydrodynamics and displacement theory began with two mentors. The first was his father Johnny Stamps and the second Rich Harbour.  Tim was under the tutelage of Harbour from the years 1985 through 1997 when Tim decided it was time to venture out on his own.  The rest is history as they say.

Stamps has been shaping a lot of boards for pros on the tour as of late.  He has been working closely with surfer’s Brett Simpson, Travis Logie, and Courtney Conlogue.  Keep your eyes out at the party as there is a high probability that one of these famous surfers will be attending.  

If you’re in need of new board or just want to have a deep conversation about surfboards stop by and see Tim, he’s just down the end of the street!

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